Ebola Redux and the 2016 Election

I just rediscovered an article I wrote during the Ebola Panic before our 2014 mid-term elections. With the Trump/Pence team, philosophy and logo now infusing Americans with intellectual indecision, I hope you will indulge my self-indulgence by giving it a read in light of where America is in the pre-2016 presidential election, whether terrorized or elated by the potential of a Donald Trump as Commander-In-Chief:


Ebola is not worthy of our national panic button, however NRA dominated Congressional Conservatives blocking the nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General is grounds for alarm over low voter turnout in 2014.

In America, Ebola has killed one man and wounded two nurses, but if we must panic: Alzheimer’s, brain robbing millions, is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Police shoot and kill more minorities than Ebola, as do drunk drivers, texting teens, domestic violence and airline crashes.

But IF panic is our new American pastime, on November 4, vote for leaders who deactivate hyperlink between high school dropouts and privatized prisons; vote knowing it was the board of a for profit private hospital that voted No Admittance for Thomas Duncan in Rick Perry’s Texas. See Ebola Facts Cancel Panic.

If we must panic, choose more rational targets, like the Oxidation of our brains by the greed of Pharmaceutical pill-pushing companies, that bombard reason with so much overstated and questionable advertising, we are Ebola distracted from what is really killing us:

  • Sugar & diabetes
  • A K Street ALEC judiciously handicapping the elderly, university students, minorities and our electoral system with Voter ID laws
  • Obesity & malnutrition
  • Failing to honor the physically and mentally wounded veteran with affordable healthcare, as much as we memorialize war dead with monuments
  • Filibuster, Congressional Gridlock, Government shutdown, and a 5-4 politicized Supreme Court
  • Sequestration gauging NIH budget to find cures for disease
  • Ignorance of the facts and being too lazy to research for the truth
  • All forms of discrimination, prejudice bias against those who look, think, preach, act or marry differently than we
  • Food corporations with advertising so bottom line oriented, we are addicted to the very things that kill everything, but our panic

Arguably, the above is Corporatism’s defining moment, and we define ourselves by how we allow Corporate America to transform our eating, drinking and election habits.

Thus, we get the government we

  • Fail to vote for, by leaving the choices to those who do
  • Are too issue misinformed about to cast justice for all ballots
  • Settle for because metaphoric flag waving and repeating, Americans this slogans and Family Values that clichés, are easier than committing daily acts of random Constitutional Spirit toward one another

Voting, like driving, loving, hating and panicking are choices and privileges, not rights. Rights are what’s guaranteed us in our U. S. Constitution.

Unless We the People allow through inaction, ignorance of history’s revisionists, dangers of redistricting, or just blissfully succumbing to the redirection of misinformation, settle for being subjugated by the repetitious reelection of supremacist oriented Conservatives (addicted to corporate money & political power), then on November 4, 2014, we will honor those hungry, underpaid and often shoeless originals who fought against tyranny and for justice for all Americans, even before there was an America — by both voting and helping others, especially the elderly and college aged, to vote.

Then, truly we will be The Home of the Brave and not the panicked.

Let’s strike a ballot blow for rational thought against media hype, and defeat both political and Wall Street/Madison Ave corporate commercials that both brainwash and brain damage, before we’re brain dead.

With each vote, we can denounce the revolting revolving door from Congress to Corporatism’s rewards. Let’s not diminish ourselves with the irrelevance of Right Direction poll questions.

Instead let’s renounce panic, let go of hype and vote ourselves, forward into fixing fixed voting machines, attending to our neglected infrastructure, sharing both affordable healthcare and voting privileges with truth and justice for all.

Editors Note: This article was previously posted in Op-EdNews.com and has not been edited by LNR or PoliticusUSA. The link to the original article can be found here.

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