2020 Choices: Herd Mentality or United States of Human Kindness

Well-meaning, but self-protecting Founding Fathers created our, Electoral College to maintain American election integrity by placing a protective shield of supervision, peopled by the one-percenters of their day:  wealthy, educated Caucasian “property” owners, dedicated to saving our new nation and its, one-person, one-vote Exceptionalism, from the potential danger of a largely unsophisticated populace, who were vulnerable to their emotional whims.

Our new and improved Electoral College has been officially finalizing the voting will of We the People, supposedly, from Thomas Jefferson’s 1804 reelection until 2016 – with the notable exception of 2000, when the U. S. Supreme Court hijacked this tradition by injecting the William H. Rehnquist Court and Sandra Day O’Connor’s swing vote into a Floridian election hurricane, full of attorney torpedoes, blowing off the popular vote.

Now, with 2020 hindsight and foresight combo, we can, reclaim our vote, by choosing our new American reality, as seen in the virtual around the nation vote to nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – for in that virtual rollcall, we saw Lincoln’s American Dream – with all its diverse locations, attire, accents and colors – proving, though sharply divided – we now stand at victory’s precipice, mostly surviving

  • two world wars
  • political assassinations
  • Watergate, Trickle-Down and Too Big To Jail
  • Cheney/Wolfowitz forever oil wars
  • Domestic Terrorism and police brutality
  • the white washing of backlash against our first black looking president

IF we realize we cannot truly rise above our self-inflicted failures and wars, nor surpass our largely MIA contributions to slow the death rate of too many earthbound species, until we embrace the totality of harm Climate Change and Donald Trump have wrought upon planet earth, by admitting our responsibility for both.

Even as an unfit president attempts to undo our Constitution – prescribing government by mob rule steeped in aggressive herd mentality, too akin to, the fickle crowd of 1930’s Germany and Italy – we must unite to save who and what we can be.

By forgetting the reminders in the book, der leader, held up in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, we, through him, mock the faith of our Founding Fathers, the hope in peaceful assembly and our love for the rule of law, casting ourselves as bystanders witnessing a third of our nation celebrating, a man of lawlessness.

Even before the sacrifices of Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Seneca Falls abolitionists – who left behind Suffragettes resembling Sojourner Truth – yet like Stonewall Rioters, heroes all – whose descendants now march for and with those who take a knee for people who have borne the knee of economic oppression, gender second-class citizenship and racial degradation for centuries.

Having arrived late to the cause of, equal means equal, we the paler majority, do now increasingly repel the self-serving evil intent, in the dirty cash flow between corporatism’s puppeteers and our current Acting-at-government puppet-in-chief.

Electing to kidnap children from their parents and imprison them in cages, we invite the, Love it or Leave it patriotic hypocrisy of, law and order, distortion candidates.

America wins, however, when we make certain no American feels so unseen and unheard that, feeling neglected will ever again elect indifference to our common good.

Everyone is entitled to an abortion opinion, but not to emulate Nazi physicians by forcing abortions and unauthorized hysterectomies as Trump appointees, resettle Refugees, by inflicting ICE brutality on asylum seekers.

When projecting one’s sins on others is your thing, The Right leader labeling self-sacrificing uniformed Americans, losers & suckers, is Right for you, but you are wrong about America.

2020 voting is choosing between:

  • Whose COVID-19 guidance we want, scientists and medical professionals or non-Senate approved unqualified political appointees releasing fake health reports to the public, encoring HHS rants
  • A president happy about COVID-19 saving him from shaking the hands of his disgusting supporters, or educators refusing to allow DeVos and Trump cloned Governors to put school children in harm’s way
  • A Trump mega-donor sabotaging our USPS or a Federal Judge ordering DeJoy to reverse his changes that slowed down our mail delivery for Republican political gain

With more than a million Americans turning to Mexico for less expensive COVID-19 medications, and untreated sewage flowing from Tijuana, under Trump’s Wall, through Southern California, passing a U. S. Seals training facility – Corporatism’s Conservative Republicans aren’t the only, inside job, we need expel.

Vote for those who oppose Trump’s hypocritical faux fear of Vote-By-Mail, and his desertion of over six million human COVID cases while secretly failing to death almost 200,000 human beings.

Vote for who we thought we were before the McConnell, Barr and Trump Republican Party.

If our Electoral College is the birth, wouldn’t not voting for reason be the curse, enabling Trump’s scourge on earth.

Vote to finally be, America the Beautiful to all.

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