You can’t hate Alex Jones

The extreme right-wing conservatives are consuming their own supporters. It will no longer be necessary for left-wing observers to knock themselves out and get typist’s cramp pointing out their egregious errors, because they are self-destructing before our eyes. The old saying was never more self-evident: with friends like this, you don’t need enemies.

A video of unhinged conspiracy theorist Alex Jones going to pieces was placed on my Facebook page by someone who found it to be beyond belief. I will be candid with you and admit that I did not watch the entire video. I couldn’t stand to look at a grown-up, adult man carrying on as Jones does in this clip. The video shows him screaming and crying about Former President Barack Obama and defrauded presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as he tells his audience about the demented ideas he has about their character. It is hard to watch anyone go to pieces like this, and I admit it was too much for me.

You may wonder what motivation, if any, the Clintons and Obamas would have for the attitudes that Jones attributes to them in his melt-down before the cameras. I mean, the Obama presidency is over and Hillary Clinton was defrauded of her rightful election as president, so why would they be fulminating as Jones describes? If you placed Jones in a room with the Clintons or the Obamas he would quickly be reduced to a blithering idiot, not the other way around.

It seems to me that Jones’ very real panic and fear can be attributed to his refusal to say what he actually understands very well. He will not say–he cannot say–he dare not say, even to himself behind closed doors–that the desire to hurt ordinary Americans is indeed a universal motivation–of Republican politicians. They wish us harm. They don’t care if we get hurt under their tactics of ruling America, which I will not call governing. Their motivation, moreover, is very simple: they are beholden to rich conservatives who expect Republican politicians to make them richer. That’s all there is to it; it isn’t exactly an abstruse conundrum.

The Republican liar-in-chief, Paul Ryan, lies at every opportunity, making stuff up to answer a question and move on to the next lie. Years ago he was singled out in the famous campaign ad that depicted him pushing an old lady over a cliff in her wheelchair. Yet there he is, in office, lying to this very day about his intentions to strip money and medical care away from everyday Americans so that the bank accounts of billionaires will have a few more dollars added to their balances.

There could be a bright aspect to this. It is possible that the last two weeks of the fraudulent Trump presidency have awakened a sleeping giant called Liberal America. No longer can we sit and watch the funny antics of the conservatives; it is time to escort Paul Ryan to the outskirts of the settlement, point him west, wish him good luck and shut him out. That is what would have happened in Frontier times.

Then we will get around to the so-called president. It looks as though all that is necessary will be to stand aside and allow him to sizzle away to nothing like the Wicked Witch of the West, but as America rises to protest and hits the streets in a national strike this month, we will get to see retribution take its course. Never make light of Karma. What goes around, comes back around. Alex Jones is the first who is this far gone, but we don’t know what is going on behind the closed doors of the White House yet. I have heard whispers that it is a mass panic, and if it is, it will all come out. In fact, they can’t prevent it.

BREAKING NEWS! The video of the Jones meltdown was taken down! When I looked for it I could find links but I got a pop-up that said the video does not exist. If you can find it, perhaps you can stand watching Jones lose it on camera.

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