A Boycott on Trump Brands Urges Consumers to Hit Ivanka, Retailers in the Wallet

Money is power. For years, Donald Trump has exploited his riches to gain status and influence. Though it has since been exposed that Trump’s business prowess was merely a farce, his prior reputation for financial acuity did make him famous. According to Trump, his star status gives him the ability to sexually assault women as sickeningly explained in the “Access Hollywood” tapes. Trump lecherously states, “Just kiss. I don’t even wait and when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p*ssy. You can do anything.” His repulsive statements prompted women, who were allegedly assaulted by Trump, to come forward with their stories. Trump, a sexual predator who already has rape allegations levied against him, denied the assaults.

Trump’s presidential campaign is not only bad for the GOP, it’s bad for business. The Trump brand has been suffering over the last several months and projections do not indicate a quick recovery in sight. Trump’s actions have directly impacted his daughter Ivanka’s prosperous lifestyle brand. Ivanka has not attempted to distance herself from her father’s campaign. Her loyalty is risky considering her brand is marketed towards #WomenWhoWork, a faction of females who are educated and industrious. Ivanka’s father has insurmountably poor favorability ratings within this demographic, which is proving to be a weighty issue for the businesswoman.

Lest Ivanka forget that though her affluence is unrivaled by many of these females, she still falls into the college educated demographic. Her familiarity should breed understanding of just how indefatigable a beast we are. Enter San Francisco based brand and digital strategist, Shannon Coulter.

Coulter is urging consumers to boycott Trump brands and the stores that sell them using the #GrabYourWallets hashtag as a rallying cry. Ivanka’s business alone is worth an estimated $100m and has been gaining steadily over the last several years. On Coulter’s Twitter page she provides a list of national stores that sell Ivanka’s goods with information on which lines and products they carry. Along with calling for the boycott, Coulter provides telephone numbers for the retailer’s US customer service lines so that consumers can call and tell them that they would “rather not see the name ‘Trump’ anymore” while they’re shopping. She also provides internet contact forms for consumers who would rather virtually connect. For those eager to boycott Ivanka’s products but not prepared to stop shopping at the major retailers, Coulter suggests “contacting the stores to register their concern.”

The #GrabYourWallets boycott is a testament to the old adage that Trump so eagerly abuses. By refusing to purchase goods from retailers that sell Trump products, consumers are able to make their disapproval known using their pocketbooks as power.


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