A New USA: Post Impeached Trump, Pre-Pardoned Stone, Infighting Dems

Undoubtedly everyone has heard what salivating corporate talking heads think we should think about Mike Blumberg’s first encounter with an audience who talks back.

Whomever we feel can mute the new self-elevated, Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Land of the Free, Trump’s Las Vegas tainted standup lowered the curtain on America’s Democratic and democratic process.

As long as we succumb to media how to watch political events and pundits PSing nationally televised debates to insure what they think they saw is what any mentally sound, hearing perfectly human, with 20/20 vision would/should absorb, regurgitate in grateful chorus with over The Hill inhabitants, locked, stocked, and branded, USDA approved – yet hardly mentioning the incompetent incumbent.

Truth is, the last three hours of 19 February 2020, the Achilles Heel of the six leading Democratic candidates for president were exposed to the emperor with no clothes – most notably the all too personal venom between Buttigieg and Klobuchar, who lost her usual cool focus when caught between two frontal attackers:  a political office she sees beneath hers, and a disproportionately inappropriate Vanessa Hauc, proving she is indeed beneath Klobuchar’s expertise.

I’ve never been a fan of Amy Klobuchar, but as a radio news producer/anchor, I believe those choosing media professionally, especially in the Trump era, need maintain their footing on the path of Murrow and Cronkite.

On-camera notables got that Biden did better than ever, but not that Trump won the night – with my first choice, at first, Elizabeth Warren, a close second – while hardly unseating cool carpet bagger Blumberg – anymore than did Buttigieg’s well-rehearsed bazooka shot across the two extreme choices of Democratic primary voters:  one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out.

Still influenced by FDR, JFK and MLK, I believe such shortsighted overkill always backfires on our collective greater good.  Choosing, for whatever reason, to allow others to define us doesn’t spare anyone that inopportune moment when the accumulation of what we think, say and do reveals our true selves to the world.

So, please, seize the day:  consider the flaunted criminality of Rudy Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, pardon and computations DOJ usurper Jared Kushner, presidential ass coverer Roger Stone and the Don’s awardees:  Mike Pence, Russ Limbaugh and Richard Grenell:  This list of the trumped, nor indeed Nevada, weren’t even offered as token hors-d’oeuvre.

While Senator Warren did not win me back, she did prepare Mike Blumberg for round two, by knocking him back a poll digit or two – and reminded Americans who truly listen, not only how damaging health insurance executives and Supreme Court sanctioned Citizens United PACs pretending corporations are people are diminishing America’s Constitutional will power, but how teachers are most responsible for uplifting the power of Americans to reason, indeed, to think unhampered by 24/7 analysts.

The reality show America – created by Taft’s, Little Brown Brothers, Hoover’s Cal-like silence producing voluminous Hoovervilles, Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre of America’s Rule of Law, Reagan’s faux Trickle Down, one-issue voters’ response to Oral in the Oval, Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz forever Mushroom Cloud oil wars – is now in sight of a fast approaching swampy bottom, to the proverbial slippery slope where now, beckoning to us, resides those who, believing everything seen on any screen, knowingly elected the Republican Party divorced from the Great Emancipator, now joined at the hip to a jackass pardon power abuser.

As for Bernie:  he still ignites memories of, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and how I wept (even while reporting from the Pennsylvania Convention Center in 2016), when he conceded to his Democratic rival – asking all to support Hillary Clinton.

As then, so now, I would love to see a President Bernie Sanders, but in a world where America cannot survive a second Trump administration – not to mention, the possibility of Trump’s refusing to vacate the White House when reason regains Franklin’s Republic to keep it, we cannot afford to give The Don’s tainted Las Vegas fair system standup, the sledgehammer he needs to finish off America’s dreams and Dreamers.

Although Donald Trump is forever more Mob Boss than American President, the invasion of Putin’s 2016/2020 hackers is partners with the domestic corruption of our nation’s electoral process, to cut off America’s nose to spite the Democratic Party’s face.

Unscrupulous Donald Trump is still electable in the swing battleground states.  So, Middle Class Democrats and Union Members, shall we gather at the Red Sea of Adelson, Koch and Mercer family PACs, drown in Corporatism’s States Red mapped with Gerrymandered districts, join the twelve-percent who voted for Sanders in 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, but in general election voted for Trump/Pence – or become patriots and put away childish things?

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