All Across America A Liberal Nation Is Rising

For years, liberals, Democrats, and progressives have been told by the media and the Republican Party that America is a conservative nation, but we see the change all around us. A nation that is angry over income inequality. A nation that is hearing demands for a living wage, not a minimum wage, The calls for universal health care, equal pay for women, the same-sex marriage movement, overwhelming public support for immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and the demand that the government work for the people, instead of the Citizens United enabled billionaires and special interests.

America is changing. A liberal nation is rising from decades of failed Republican policies. This new area of PoliticusUSA is different. Liberal Nation Rising is a community of blogger who are here to give voice to the revitalized liberal movement in US politics. Liberal Nation Rising is a community, so comments and discussion are encouraged.

In 2008, 2010, and 2012, Republicans campaigned on taking “their” country back. America never belonged to them. The United States of America belongs to all of us.


As President Obama said, “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.”

We are not Donald Trump’s angry America. We are here to fight against the bigotry, racism, discrimination, and inequality that Trump and his party have championed. We want to bring an end to the days of Wall Street getting rich off of reckless greed while you lose your job, home, and retirement.

We are the voices of “Real America.”

We are a Liberal Nation Rising, and we would like you to join us.

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