What American Dreams May Come The Day After

Backyard gardens on rooftops and in window boxes? Death of a nation on a dying planet or, Requiem for elections of fear, by dirty money for Corporate rule?

Even before humankind assumed dominance over the earth, there were reactions to every action, cause and effect and death after life – but the race against time, never won.

Since Thursday April 12, 1945, faux patriots, hypocritical zealots and opportunistic corporate icons have sought to reverse The New Deal, returning to an Age reminiscent of their Robber Baron predecessors, amassing huge fortunes through the blood, sweat and tears of immigrant low wage earners.

What’s next? Though with less media fanfare, natural resources decline, just as the Too Big to Jail, disappeared five trillion dollars in pension money, real estate value, 401K, savings and bonds. Eight million American jobs & ownership of six million homes — melted away by The Street’s dragon breath: Hedge Funds. Yet, Wall Street bonuses? Still Free at Large cash flow.

From thirteen colonies, we evolved through The Hollywood Ten into device zombies welcoming wolf PACs to blow down our house divided. Within the Stalin seeded smoke screen of Americans for Prosperity, we sail blissfully, down a polluted river of no return, in our Foggy Bottom ship of state.

Cloaked in secrecy, gilded beneficiaries manipulated Cold War to confuse our freedom with their skewed Free Market system: A Congress rented to delete itself by eliminating government regulations on Corporatism hiding ill-gotten gain in Panama banks.

What’s next? Mass murder of a planet. Right Wing New World Order. Controlling how we vote and who’s elected. Death of a Nation by strangulation of global resources — in poorest countries, many already dying from lack of food and water or, We Shall Overcome.

What’s next? Self-Righteous demagogue becomes President. Abandonment engulfs America, first in poorer States like Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina. Or, do we support Sanders and Warren POV, by voting for Hillary.

Yet, with 1963 Dallas solutions almost guaranteeing street violence surpassing responses to police brutality and trumped incitement, Barack Obama twice elected, panics plush Supreme secret meeting places, like Indian Wells California.

Terrified of a Main Street second coming of New Frontier/New Deal combo, financial elites race to save returns on their congressional investments to transform Middle Class into Middle Ages’ serfs.

Natural disaster creators of oil spills, gas leaks, coal ash, pharmaceutical greed, food deserts and insurance, tobacco, and banking fraud, huddle to term limit the aftermath of the black man from Hawaii.

From John Foster & Allen Dulles to Panama Papers leaking American economic and gender disparity, Climate Injustice is as addicted to our demise as the super-rich Right are to defunding the EPA, public education and Mother Nature.

When The Age of Fraud owns our water, restricts food supply and fouls our air, is not The Era of Evil extinguishing earth’s natural pollinators, glaciers, mammals and vertebrae — including us?

What’s next? Wall Street bankers are selling billions in, bespoke tranche opportunity — continued Top-Down market manipulation or, we democratize Congress and their Too Big to Fail bankers with, The Iceman Cometh?

Root sources for the extinction of life on earth, are those investing millions in misleading labels, language and media propaganda to blindside the myopic.

Even if chasing windmills doesn’t save Corals, in whatever time is Left, let’s recapture United We Stand, if only to hedge our hereafter bets, or beliefs, and be Good Samaritans to Earth and all life upon it — doing unto all others as we pray will be done unto us – before, like the Reverend Elisheva Clegg, who, Crossing the Bar Wednesday April 6, 2016, we depart in peace.

There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can in the time that you have, for lacking respect for the death of any species by abrupt Climate Changes, we, like The Day After, won’t be there anymore.


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