America’s Brexit moment has happened

With the surge of right-wing politics making its way across Europe, I find it in bad taste for countries across the pond to whine that Americans have followed suit in the election that just ended. Many Americans may be surprised, however, when Donald Trump goes on trial later this month for the fraud he perpetrated with “Trump University.” In fact, it has crossed my mind that we may not see Trump serve a single day as president because he will be turning himself in to do jail time. In that case my guess is that Americans can say hello to their new president, Mike Pence.

But I will say this: after eight years of racism and treason, it is time for turn-about. An old saying goes, “Turn about is fair play.” Fine. I will never cosider either Donald Trump or Mike Pence to be my president, the president of the America that I live in. It was completely acceptable for Republicans to direct this attitude towards President Obama for eight years, so it’s time for them to get a taste of their own medicine. I am only one person, but I am guessing that many Americans feel like I do.

Democratic Senators can unleash the power of their filibusters. If they don’t they will reveal the spineless character that we already suspect most of them have. We have just witnessed a classic example of the bully who mistakes kindness and courtesy for weakness, and if the Democrats continue to decline confrontation, the new president–by whom I mean Mike Pence–will turn away from the radical insurrectionists who have given their all for Donald Trump. Pence is oriented towards Old Testament Christianity, a religion that does not exist.

Even though there is no such thing as Old Testament Christianity, though, the Religious Right has been making it up as they go along for years. Are you ready to witness the full display of their hatred and fear?

American Muslims are rapidly descending to the social stratum of African Americans, which will be an eye-opener for them. African Americans have had the honor of enduring the worst that America can deal out to its citizens. Now we are about to see the myth of American egalitarianism crash on the reality of the bigotry that has always been animating our society.

The election of President Obama revealed that America is not “post racial” in any sense of the word. The conduct of Middle Eastern nations has revolted First-World countries to the extent that most of them are washing their hands of them, if they haven’t already. The vicious mockery of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is but one indicator that the Western World has no sympathy for terrorism. When you factor in female infanticide, slavery, human trafficking, the murderous repression of women, you have a culture that we don’t want to have anything to do with.

The Islamic authorities in Mecca do not see fit to begin the process of bringing Islam into the mindset of the First World, and so they are feeling the rejection of America as well as Western Europe. All the myths of brotherhood and reconciliation are crashing around us because to a large extent they were myths. At this precise moment in the history of America we are called upon to get real.

I have one final word. To the Millennials, to Susan Sarandon and others who thought that throwing their votes away on “protest” or even in a flippant screw-you to “the system,” say hello to your new Republican administration. I hope the younger generation of voters who did this have learned to take voting and elections seriously. No thanks to the Bernie revolutionaries and the Hillary haters.

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