America’s Mission Possible: Standing Together Post Trump/Pence

We can all accept that rising to a Lincoln standard every day, though a worthy Smith Goes to Washington goal, may be a hurdle too high for most, but how did America’s GOP, after the lessons of Nixon’s Watergate and the 1974 Midterm elections, go from George Herbert Walker Bush to a trumped Federal Government – in search of a State TV Network?

How is it, that 86% of Republicans still support Donald Trump enough to vote to inflict his residue on their children’s future?  What is it that keeps so many hard-working Americans resisting the evolution that is upon us, still expecting a trumped up six-figure income from a Coal industry that has largely abandoned them?

Why don’t Liberals understand rural families need hunting rifles to protect them from carnivores – and Conservatives acknowledge owning protective handguns doesn’t justify packing AR-15 type rifles?

As Michael Cohen confesses, Trump’s team pleads guilty and Matt Whittaker joins Mike Pence in, Duck and Cover – how do Believers justify worshiping a man whose entire life is the evil twin of Holy Scripture?

Is there a marriage of convenience between an America fixated on a President fixated on a Moscow Tower and the Americans getting current events’ updates from Social Media platforms and late-night stand-up comics?

Would that not beget children who grow up to imprison children?

People have been deceived before by false prophets claiming, they are the only one who can remedy all problems.  Remembering McCarthy Era, why can’t we see enemies vilified by such men are created to distract disciples, while they amass secret foreign profits?

Foreign and domestic, Empire Building isn’t new.  Its history conjures brother against brother to manipulate a proletariat feeling ignored, into investing faith in apathetic emperor wannabes.

Can we still miss the point that anyone who told, We the People, via our Media, the same lies Michael Cohen told Congress are as complicit as Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who chose visions of grandeur and on-camera grandstanding, over FBI vetting, Constitution and common sense?

In the New Year, may we emulate POTUS 35 & 41, choosing history making collaborative accomplishments, over juvenile victory laps?

We may never touch the hearts or reach the minds of those who long for a whitewashed time of white hoods, white supremacy resurrecting a south rising to the depths of James Fields Jr., Brian Kemp and Cindi Hyde-Smith – but we can understand that most who believed in the mastery of a Pied-Piper-in-Chief, voted – seeking to be heard, not herded through the debris of oil wars and Great Recession.

Although a river of greed, bigotry and apathy runs through it, the Trump Administration, Organization and Family are merely the visible pathology atop our history of self-deception, from

  • Tule Lake’s Japanese-Americans to South-American refugee children interned in Tornillo Texas tents
  • Emancipation Proclamation to The Solid Democratic South
  • JFK/LBJ to The Solid Republican South
  • Jim Crow to Dixiecrats
  • 1966 UT Tower shooting to Sandy Hook, Pulse, Parkland and Las Vegas
  • Nixon’s Southern Strategy to Watergate and Treason
  • Reagan’s, Mistakes were made to Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz’s Iran
  • Dishonesty of both political parties to K Street rental of too many politicians
  • Putin’s crowning a double-dealing pathological prince in his own image, to an American plague of ruthless anti-American chicanery: Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Kirstjen Nielsen, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Steven Mnuchin, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunez and the enabler of pedophile pimps, Alex Acosta

Despite Trump deal:  $50m Moscow Penthouse for ultimate in world power – it’s not just their lust for moneyed power, it’s their believing we’re dumb enough to fall for it.

Regardless of political party, holding ourselves and those we elect, accountable for everyone, is best definition of Justice for All.

However, being addicted to Media obsession with Donald Trump, we aid and abet his desired, Government-run TV Network, – because, the Russia Project was real and Brett Kavanaugh’s House Judiciary Republicans supremely tucked it.

Beware:  no people believing ignorance of their nation’s history, secrecy and laws can avoid losing their freedom.

However, committing to what we’re for, who we elect reflects us, but to define us, we must continually deliver on the Mission of America’s promise

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