And That About Wraps Things Up

In last night’s debate Trump showed that he is no longer running for President, if he ever actually was. His campaign, such as it is, has morphed into a personal vendetta to personally hurt anyone he feels has wronged him.

That and laying the groundwork for the new Breitbart TV Network, Starring Donald Trump. Where he can continue to settle scores, real and imagined.

The best part is that he is dragging down the Republican party in flames around him. “Trumpism” combines the absolute worst elements of Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon. The lies, the innuendos, the “report your neighbors,” the Enemies List, using government power to settle scores. All of that and more. It was all on display last night, reinforcing his ugly campaign.

Principled Republicans have two choices now. They can disavow Trump and his sick, unconstitutional view of how our democracy works or admit that the Republican party is the party of authoritarian power. There is no longer any in between.

When the Republicans thought they might lose the women’s vote over the weekend, they were quick to jump ship. But when their nominee promises a constitutional crisis, they sit idly by.

Obviously the Republicans couldn’t give two shits about the Constitution, they only care about raw naked power.

And that is completely UnAmerican.

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