Babe Ruth – Muhammad Ali – Donald Trump

If from Diapers to Diplomas, to inconsistent employment, enduring gender income disparity, before returning to diapers, we fail to recognize the odd man out between Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Donald Trump, then America’s greatness will forever elude us.

So before tipping our hat, or bowing our head for the courageous who toss their hat into the ring, be certain: on and off the field, character determines who are champions.

Ruth, Ali, Trump — all three American born, nurtured on exceptional arcs of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but

  • One knocked through the door of the very wealthy, demanding more
  • One, seeking freedom of religion, peace over war, uprooted Jim Crow prose with racial equality poetry, knocking down, if not out, most opposition
  • One just for the fun of it, asked only to hit away

One, a good Samaritan, keeping his promises to fans, welcomed every pitch, as he did life itself, over achieving, over indulging and over celebrating, knowing every swing and a miss brought him closer to homeruns.

Depending on our generational Brand: evasion of, secession by or fascination for Christian nation, political persuasion or humanity station, one, whether ringed in by the bell or echoing, give em hell, knocked down walls of racial hate and, refusing to kneel before the corporate sponsored war for profit, sacrificed the title of champion, for principle.

From one, such a gesture, if attending a 2016 GOP rally, would garner him a, look at my African-American over here. With accumulating performances of sensationalized soundbites, will we yet see through a glass darkly before coming face to face with disaster by Trump?

It is not only an Indiana Mexican who is being called out of order by one who neither knows nor cares for the human decency that is the foundation of Mount Rushmore, the pedestal holding our torch for Liberty nor the soul of our U. S. Constitution.

On and off the diamond, George Herman Ruth Jr. was a major leader in baseball for twenty-two seasons – but arguably, was at his best when visiting children in orphanages and hospitals. Legend says the Babe delivered on a hospital promise to hit a homerun for a little boy. Whether, he indicated it from home plate or not, matters little, because for millions of Americans, Babe Ruth was the home run. Flawed to be sure, but heroic with every swing.

Even before Middle School, I chose singing, the viola and girls over sports, so The Greatest Muhammad Ali, was the first boxer I ever heard of and, significantly, the only time I ever willingly joined my family for a sports event on radio, was to hear the poetically entertaining big talker, Cassius Clay, deliver on his braggadocios promises of victory.

Building on inherited money, Donald John Trump is a Reality TV personality, who has bullied his way through real estate deals, bankruptcy and The Plaza Hotel to become the 2016 presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States of America — by working our disunity and incivility.

To preserve our union in 2016, it is for us to be here dedicated to vote out Corporatism and its empty wheelbarrows of Koch heads in Congress and Red State Houses — to keep government of, by and for the people safe from the trumped destruction of those so disheartened they confuse a shameful false profit with a savior, when what America needs is major league Statespersons.

Reason dictates, before casting our sacred privilege, We the People ponder who among us are the heroes, who the targeted victims, and who the strike out steer shoveling bull-hockey through our electoral china shop!

For all of us, it is crucial we supremely scrutinize, for both voter and elected will be immortalized — either foolish or wise.

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