The Tragedy of a Fallen Hero

For months now I have been hammered, insulted, and had my mother called names from complete and total strangers. Friends and acquaintances I have known for years have turned on me, humiliating me in public and on social media. I have written articles publishing facts and data and statistics and I have been cursed and ridiculed and called names even George Carlin would not utter. How did this happen? The Tea Party left was born.

I have a thick skin. I have stood up to 17 lawyers and a hostile judge in New York on a single day. I have groomed a wild bear in a cage. I have faced and beaten cancer – twice. I have canvassed for Gary Hart, chained myself to redwoods, and faced down republicans at voting precincts in the south to be sure every last person in line got to vote. I am no lily-livered liberal shivering at the sight of a bully. I am no weak and fragile woman cowering before the threatening stance of a political zealot. All that being said, I am actually afraid for the first time in my life.

A few weeks ago, an article was published on US Uncut, an online blog. It was published as a transcript from a #Bernie supporter who supposedly uncovered an “undemocratic” Hillary shill, and he meticulously recreated the entire transcript of his demands to an Alaska super delegate that she vote for Bernie because Bernie got more votes than Hillary. Here is her response to his “demand” that she leap out of Hillary’s pocket and vote his conscience.

METCALFE: I’m in the pocket of no one. I have no financial connections to Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat. I am a retired union representative. I put in my time in the trenches for 40 years, and I really object to someone like you who has probably done nothing except caucus telling me what to do. I am voting for the best interests of my country. And that would be Hillary Clinton.

By what possible path does a stranger get to call a private citizen at home, demand that she vote for his candidate, insult her if she refuses, publish that private conversation in an online international blog without her permission, and call her un-American for exercising her right to vote for the candidate that she believes will be the best person for the job, just because more people voted for the other guy? #Bernie. The path of the new Tea Party left, that’s how.

In the meantime I published several articles about the ongoing Democratic primaries and was vehemently castigated, insulted, threatened, and told I was hideously ugly even though my avatar is either a dragon, a squirrel or the cast of Princess Bride. Ask a dwarf about pissing off a dragon. What on earth did a cute squirrel ever do to Bernie? It goes without saying that anyone that insults or degrades the cast of Princess Bride does not have a soul. I cast thee out!

You see, I can handle #Bernie. But what happened this weekend at the Nevada Democratic Conference was terrifying for many reasons. First, #Bernie people thought that Hillary’s win in February was irrelevant. They have spent several weeks trying to “flip” delegates and “demand” super delegates vote for Bernie because, well, because in their world Bernie “should” win. But he didn’t win. He didn’t win in February. He didn’t win in May.

The delegates are proportional in all Democratic primaries and caucuses. Bernie will never get 100% of the delegates unless he gets 100% of the vote. Jesus himself could not get 100% of the Democratic vote. We have atheists in our party so…get over it.

Paris#Bernie shouted down Barbara Boxer. They threw chairs. They threatened delegates. They published the name and address of the Nevada Chairwoman of the Democratic Party and the names and schools of her grandchildren. They desecrated the Democratic headquarters. They left threatening voice mails, and called for the hanging and assassination of Democratic officials that did not vote for Bernie. They caused security at the Paris Resort to have to shut down the Conference because they could not guarantee the safety of the tourists and other people having the vacation of a lifetime at an American hotel. At the Paris. In Las Vegas.

Yes, that happened. Yes it was reported. Sort of. Well, it was mentioned.

That brings me to my second fear. Bernie knows about it. Bernie has said and done nothing to address any of it. He has not “led” his flock of #Bernie people off the ledge. He has not expressed outrage or sadness or remorse at these violent and destructive acts perpetrated against his friends and fellow Senators in his name. He has not rebuked the violence. He has not acted like the President he wishes to become. I am afraid he does not know how.

That leads me to my third fear. Sanders has never been a Democrat even though he usually votes with them on issues (except the Brady Bill-5 times he voted with Republicans against the Brady Bill). Still, he decided he wanted to be the leader of the Democratic Party. So he ran for the nomination. He took the money. He took the infrastructure. He took the data bases (a few people in his organization even tried to take Hillary’s). He took the resources and publicity and phone banks and everything the Democratic Party had to offer. He said he wanted to lead the Democrats. And then…he allowed #Bernie to trash them.

He has not apologized to all the real Bernie fans who are embarrassed and ashamed for these actions. He has not told all the Democrats that have voted for him, and rooted for him, and canvassed for him, that he is not the “screw the rules” candidate that those violent #Bernie people are trying to foist upon America. He did not go on the talk shows and correct this abomination. He went to Puerto Rico. He did not change his campaign schedule to reach out to Democrats and Nevadans and unsuspecting tourists and regular Americans for the despicable actions of a few misguided zealots.

He did not express his horror that the names and schools of children were published to millions of people online because their grandmother did not comply with the demands of a mob. He silently condoned their acts and tacitly turned away from any responsibility. He cast aside Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid as insignificant casualties in the race to the White House. He is not the Bernie that I have supported and I am afraid that he never was.

I am afraid for our party. I am afraid for our country. I am afraid that the revolution he is truly seeking will damage our Constitution and our legacy. I am afraid that #Bernie will make #Trump look like amateurs. I am afraid that my hero has fallen.

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