Bernie is Making Issues Out of Non-Issues

One of the most consistent comments made by Bernie Sanders, is that media should focus on the issues that matter to America. This is income inequality, and oh yes, income inequality. When Bernie speaks, he is creating issues where none exist.

Hillary is attacked for the crime bill, the use (once) of the term super-predator, her Iraq vote, and her association with Wall Street. We frequently are told that her acceptance of PAC money suggests a quid pro quo. There are many, many other issues, but these seem to be the main points made.

As First Lady, it was her job to support her husband’s policies. Perhaps questions over the Crime Bill should be addressed to Bernie as well. He voted for it. In 20/20 hindsight we can see the consequences. Unfortunately, nobody had a crystal ball.

Hillary has said that she believed the President about the use of force when she voted for Iraq. She felt that having that threat would strengthen the authority of the inspectors as Bush had said. Unfortunately again, he lied.

Regarding Wall Street, corporations may not make direct contributions to campaigns. Donations are categorized by employer so it’s disingenuous to say she is taking from the industry. As Senator from New York, businesses on Wall Street were her constituents and of course she developed a relationship with them. What’s funny though, is that her policy proposals and her work while a Senator are not exactly favorable to the big banks. As to PAC money, Bernie accepts PAC money as well. His is mostly from unions but they are still special interests giving him money.

My point in all of this is not to badmouth Bernie; but, to point out that there are issues with both candidates and by trying to tear her down to win votes does a disservice to him, the campaign, and the election.

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