Okay, Bernie Sanders, I Know Who You Are

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog titled “Thank You Bernie, Now What?”. Sadly, now I know what. The guy who I once thought was okay, not my preference but certainly better than any Republican, has morphed into a bitter man who would risk a Trump victory in November just to feed his insatiable ego. Barney Frank was correct.

Former Democratic Rep. Frank (D) has known Bernie Sanders since he first took federal office 25 years ago. Frank has no use at all for Sanders. That is striking to me. Two very liberal Jewish men from roughly the same generation would, under normal circumstances, be natural allies, even good friends. That really says something that that is not the case.

Bernie Sanders is an opportunist, first and foremost. He found his once-in-a-lifetime chance during this election cycle, which has a reality-show star and real estate mogul as the Republican nominee. Nobody thought Trump could get to where he is now, except for maybe Rep. Keith Ellison, who offered a prediction that Donald might be a serious contender, to great hilarity from his co-panelists. These times are very unsettled, with a lot of public anger toward the government as well as mistrust. The financial collapse of 2009, the weak recovery, and the inability of the government to function effectively to address virtually any serious issue, have all contributed to it.

The American voting public is very ignorant, in my opinion. There is a “throw the bums out” sentiment, with many people not even bothering to inform themselves who the “bums” really are. They are the Republicans, of course. And the best antidote to their obstructionism and borderline sedition is a Democrat who knows the game they are playing, knows the ropes, and can beat them at their own game. Or at least limit their destruction. That Democrat is not Bernie Sanders. It is Hillary Clinton. And Clinton is ahead by all measures. Superdelegates, delegates, and voters are all scoring Hillary ahead of Bernie.

An honorable politician who puts country and party first, when he or she has no reasonable chance of victory, would throw their support behind the winner for the good of the many. Bernie Sanders had a chance to leave a positive legacy, a remembrance of gracious and gentlemanly conduct and unselfishness. Not Bernie.

He wouldn’t disavow his overzealous Nevada supporters. He claims to be in it to win. He cannot win. His massive ego will not let him see that, and he is willing to risk the future of the world on a Trump presidency just to satisfy his vanity run. No, I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic. With a scenario as potentially lethal as the one we are facing, we need to have our ducks in order.

Sore losers and malcontents have no business in this. This is a game for adults. None of Hillary’s surrogates want to eviscerate Bernie like he deserves, for fear of alienating his supporters. He might be getting a pass right now. I would argue that he has gotten a pass all along, up until the infamous New York Daily News interview, when he was forced to admit that he was clueless about his own proposals. But I can guarantee that he will go down in history as sore loser and an egotist. Unless he changes his tune very soon, and that appears unlikely. Too bad. I predict that next year at this time, we will have President Hillary Clinton. And Bernie will be alone in the Senate, with even fewer friends than he has now.

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