Early Memorial for Sanders: Why Hillary Should Pick Bernie For VP

On April 19th 10:20 PM, Hilary Clinton declared victory over Bernie Sanders in the New York Primary. She announced her winning in New York, as well as implying that the national Democratic race for President of the United States was over. She invited Bernie supporters to join her campaign saying,”we have much more that unites us than divides us.” From the view point of Hillary and the major news organizations the race was over. The only problem was that the voting public and Bernie Sanders were not yet ready to plan for his candidacy for President’s funeral.

Bernie Sanders has won 12 of the last 27 primary and caucus races and has continued to draw large rallies with over 15,000 supporters. His message of Universal health care and free college tuition has appealed to young college age and older democratic voters across the country. But it is his message of a brighter future for everyone that has drawn crossover voters.

I am going to go old school here and remember another long shot candidate who rose to the President of the United States. His name was John Kennedy, and his message of hope and vision of a better future helped fuel a generational movement that still resonates in the hearts of those who were moved by his words. Many of our current national leaders are among those who were spurred into a life of civic engagement. This is why Bernie is so important to the future of the Democratic Party. He has that same ability to inspire people into action that creates a movement that will keep our future marching in a positive direction?

If Hillary does win the nomination for President she will show a higher level of party unity and savvy if she chooses Bernie Sanders as her running mate. There maybe other possibilities whose resumes may look on paper as a sensible running mate, but none of those have captured the hearts and minds as well as Bernie Sanders. There could be no better candidate to continue the anthem of Obama’s legacy, of his vision and of his hope for the future.


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