Bewitched, Betwixt, Brexit, Bombing Brutality and Alzheimer’s

In a world of rising tensions and temps, wisdom suggests, being great is a team sport — for when voter thinking is trumped, a 350 million-dollar a week membership lie — proves you can fool some of the people all of the time, on either side of the pond.

Notwithstanding, Greenspan rerun, what really is the inevitable global consequence of the audacity and austerity of isolationism? Did Britons equivocate and evaluate or like Americans duped by LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin lie, simply divide to be conquered?

Did The Great Wall of China limit worldly inroads or preserve ancient treasures?

Did Woodrow Wilson’s Isolationism keep America out of war, or miss the whole point of the Monroe Doctrine from A for Alliances to Z for Zika?

Which still reigns supreme, Queen Victoria’s, a relative on every European throne or John Donne’s No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main?

What launches predictable predictors, if not rabbit foots in the business of emotional pendulums convincing others the future is but the past, in refrain?

Why, with clinched fists, are we so thrilled to be taken for another ride of swerving curves, dips and dodges driven by the international bulls and national bears controlling market profits?

Isn’t seizing logic to ascertain why, a better investment, than faith in Too Big to Fail mysticism?

Shall we be controlled by boisterous roosters crowing, the sky is falling, or bank our 401Ks with higher authority?

Why give Wall Street roulette permission to spin our hearts and minds into the outer limits of sequestration?

Is it our life’s ambition to be added to the call sheet of high-end prostitutes and drug dealers, servicing Wall and K Streets speed-dialers, for Right Wing Corporate puppet masters?

Isn’t focusing on our individual core and global essence, worthy of moments of silence, to wonder, among other things, why they hate us?

Which came first, Middle Class bankruptcies or Bankster bonuses fleeing American taxes?

What exactly is the connecting tissue of our financial gain games?

Does our greatness as nation and people come from an alliance with the inconstant moon or the tie that binds?

The world is far less scary, misleading and doomsday oriented when we control our ability to brake, for knowledge creatively awakens when we trust our silence.

Aren’t we heroic enough to pause all device aberrations: television blabber, radio screaming and print hell on earth visuals of mass destruction, and step outside the digital maze, to see beyond the marketing prism?

What if, We the People diligently hit pause on all the noise, and instead of acting out, like money-changers in the temples of doom, we cease and desist the buying and selling of souls in international sweat shops, black-op sites and America’s soup kitchens?

If we believe our roots are Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth or we hail from Abraham’s Ishmael, Isaac and Jokshan, remember like the U. S. Constitution, banking laws and stock market regulations, both Quran and Bible were written by old men with big agendas and little gender equality comprehension.

Whether our concept of life’s magnitude embraces Ethiopian 1974 discovery of Lucy or Lucia and her 1917 Portuguese playmates, it’s all caught on camera — and what if the Fatima scoop, in the wake of weather deaths and denial, includes, Global Warming and Climate Change?

Isn’t our intellect more visionary than the rear view mirror reflection of malice aforethought Alan Greenspan, Sarah Isgur Flores Boris Johnson, Trump hate mongering and terrorism, both foreign and domestic?

Can we not instead champion the five million Americans who courageously face Alzheimer’s every day?

Given the chance, listening in silence is our willing incubator for inspiration, where time is not of the essence, but rather the opportunity for knowledge and confirmation of truth — for our greatest Blue Chip stock is wisdom inhaling and exhaling through our Immaculate Heart.

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