Breastfeeding is a normal, natural, fundamental component of a babies life. As a woman who breastfed three babies, I can assert that it is the most wonderful experience a mother can have with her child. The bond that forms between mother and child is immeasurable!

Now I am befuddled, infuriated and disgusted with the rash of incidents where women are threatened, evicted or humiliated for feeding their baby!!


Come on people!! BREASTS ARE MADE FOR BABIES!!! That is their Primary Biological Function!! It is astounding that in this day and age there are actually people who have no idea that breasts are for some purpose other than sex.

WHY is feeding your baby in a courtroom inappropriate?? Because it makes some people UNCOMFORTABLE? Then you people need an attitude adjustment!! Nursing your baby is a totally natural behavior and for a judge to make an issue of it just shows how far America has gone in SEXUALIZING Breasts!!

I can testify to anyone that if my baby started crying because she was hungry, it doesn’t get better until she gets fed!! I’ve missed parts of countless movies because my baby started getting unhappy in the middle! I took mine outside to feed her, mainly because I didn’t want the crying to upset anyone at the movie. I’ve taken my babies to restaurants and fed them there. It’s much better to feed them than it is to let them get more and more upset!!


If a woman’s bare breast being sucked on in public by an infant causes you distress, than YOU should leave!! It is natural, healthy for the baby, and crucial for a mother to bond with her baby

Men walk around all the time with NO SHIRT on. SO WHY do women have to cover up when they are feeding a baby? Why the double standard??

It is a sad trend perpetuated by media that breasts are often “elevated” into objects of automatic “turn-on” for men. Media points to women’s breasts as a “Sex Organ” which they are NOT!! Men have been culturally conditioned to see breasts this way. Honestly, men poking at breasts or otherwise handling them is not that much fun to women. Often they are actually are very sensitive and hurt!!



Women are also conditioned to see breasts as attractions to men. They have to get bigger breasts, have breast enhancement, etc. They certainly are not helping other women by calling breastfeeding “Gross!”


American society needs to improve many things. While we are making a list, let’s add DESEXUALIZING BREASTS! This kind of thing starts when children are little. When toddlers ask why mommy can’t take her shirt off like daddy, there needs to be a good answer.

Lawmakers also need to get their heads out of their respective asses and make breastfeeding normal. I don’t foresee this happening anytime soon, since Republicans can’t do anything but sit on their hands, but others in authority need to let go of their religious mythology and tune in to progress! Breasts are NOT SEX OBJECTS any more than are women! They are made for feeding babies. Period!



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