Can We Please Get Real About Our Reality Show Security Risk President?

If half of our current U. S. Congress can’t recall where it buried our Constitutional remedy for removing a malice aforethought administration, then, recognizing our current Homeland Security risk as much domestic as foreign, let’s update our Senate on our raison d’être, with the freedom, needed for a, Land of the Free, resurrecting the political courage, if not patriotism, to justify our, Home of the Brave mantel.

America has never been a perfect people’s nation, but there have been periods, and presidents, who tried to make us a work in progress filled with promised ideals and global Good Samaritan goals.

However, keeping an exceptional Democratic-Republic is a delicate operation, which when delivered into the hands of men like Paul Wolfowitz & John Bolton, Dick Cheney & Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell & Donald Trump – becomes a regime of deaf lawmakers, dumb media and blind citizens – caging, neglecting, raping and torturing children.

Yes, Iran excels more as a, bad actor, than even our current pretend government of Trump’s hired Lobbyists Acting Out as federal agency department heads – Reality Check:

  • We need more than one presidential election victory of rational liberal reasoning, to purge America of what Americans elected to bestow
  • The Trump administration was the first to violate our 2015, Iran Nuclear Deal, and in 1988, an American missile cruiser shot down an Iranian passenger plane – killing 290 people. And every time a police officer shoots an unarmed person of color, the truth about American Exceptionalism is, too often we elect Welfare Queen racism and sexism.
  • Still, we keep women in their second-class citizenship place
  • We express, love thy neighbor by refusing service to those with alternative love preferences
  • Electing Barack Obama is not reparations for McConnell’s, we paid for ‘sin of slavery’

Arguably, the lesson of our WWII to Trump experiences is: our Democratic-Republic is currently sandwiched between humanity’s past attempts at world conquest through the annihilation of human life and human decency, and a Rebirth of Freedom for an all-inclusive, American Dream – perhaps beginning in 2020, a future where humankind’s humane humanity permeates through all human beings – reinvigorated with the wisdom of loving kindness harmoniously requited to all.

Vegging out on Media hyperbole addicts us to hypnotic headlines and prophecies from self-fulfilling Talking Heads infected with afterglow belief in current White House occupiers’ assessment that, Americans are so mesmerized my sound-bites, repetitious declarative simple sentences casting Conservative anchors as sages, we won’t notice Hannity-Manafort texts and Census question bigotry.

Know this, Gerrymandering is racial profiling, McConnell’s refusing election protection Senate debate is Red-Mapping and what Trump and ICE are doing to migrant children and refugee families, profanes every promise America ever made.

However, there is an alternative to the illicit marriage between increasing income gap, bias against LGBTQ Americans and conjugal visits between Church, State and K Street, waiting for us in the voting booth.

It’s not just our increasing incivility, but that we are arguing about the wrong things!

To feel reassured in our comfort zones, we too often opt for naming things, labeling places and categorizing people, but there is no national security for anyone in selectively projecting defensive tags on our history and anti-Constitution president while sacrificing our children on the altar of Crude.

Consider this:

  • If we blackout Obama from Biden’s resume – would segregationists, never called me ‘boy’…always called me ‘son – work for you?
  • Giving tacit consent to an Executive Branch filled with Acting Cabinet/Agency heads, aren’t we complicit in the Grim Reaper’s transforming our democracy into a Demagogue’s Dictatorship?
  • Which is better for our children’s future, wildcat exiling USDA scientists to Kansas to gaslight an inconvenient truth or knowledge?

We can’t allow oil wars in Cyberspace and Grids to blind us to domestic discriminations in mass political rallies too reminiscent of 1930-40’s Europe – ignoring homes without broadband Internet, schools without new updated textbooks, and women denied affordable healthcare

No, not all Evangelicals are hypocrites, not all Caucasian males sexists raping our children’s future for profit, and not all of America’s electoral problems, are Russian.  However, if we don’t have a clear vision of who we will be after Trump/Pence, be assured John Mercer’s Kellyanne Conway and Mitch McConnell, do.

The oath of office affirms the primary responsibility of those we elect is to, preserve, protect and defend, We the People from all enemies, foreign (Russian hackers) and domestic (Fossil Fuels producers).

So, if we believe, a child shall lead them, why reelect an administration who cages and abuses children?  Better we preserve, protect and defend children from Trump’s fake government and Conservatives’ AR-15 reality.

This is the moment:  America is in a state of emergency, at the intersection of pass or fail, with this choice – truth or consequences.

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