You Can’t Just Wave A Flag And Call Yourself An American

I wrote a piece yesterday and was called; stupid, a goon, a troll, a shill, an idiot, ignorant, rich, self-centered, simply for saying that I wasn’t #feelingthebern.

There is so much hatred directed toward Hillary Clinton, and thus toward those of us who choose to believe she is the best candidate in this election.

I don’t understand the whole entitlement thing being thrown around by the people who are #feelingthebern. They are entitled to a free education; they are entitled to change the rules in the middle of the game, they are entitled to the super delegates. I understand the frustration, but nothing in this life comes for free, nothing. We all pay, one way or another.

I don’t believe in blind loyalty. I believe in doing research, reading, listening, educating myself on the rules of the game. In this day and age with access to information so easy, there is no excuse for you not to know information about rules and policies and primaries and elections and how the two party system in the country is set up.

Read the Constitution to understand your voting rights and how the Electoral College works. Don’t listen to what’s being said, go and read for yourself. Then you can fight your fight knowing what it is you’re fighting for.

Unless of course you choose not to know. Unless you choose to follow blindly and take everything said to you at face value because it’s easier for you to just believe what you’re told to believe. Unless it’s easier for you to blame others for your lot in life. Unless it’s easier to believe that someone is going to swoop in and make your life perfect. Unless all you are concerned about is: What is the government going to do for me?

Personally, I don’t believe that this what about me thing is how it should work. We all have to work at being Americans. You can’t just wave a flag and call yourself an American. You have to understand that the Constitution was written, and the laws are enforced, for every American, not just for you. Just because you don’t understand someone’s religion or gender or political leanings, that doesn’t make you more of an American than the people with whom you disagree.

I know that’s not what is being spewed all over the air right now, but the truth of the matter is: We are all Americans.

We all forget this from time to time.

If you don’t like the system and you believe it needs to be changed, then by all means fight the good fight to change it. Just know that you’re not going to win hearts and minds by spewing hate and lies and uneducated memes at those who may not agree with, or understand what it is you’re fighting for.

At this point in our country, we democrats, liberals, independents, progressives — all of us, we need to communicate with one another. We need to put aside our personal beliefs and do what is best for our country. And that means, whoever the democratic candidate for President turns out to be — come November, we must be united in our vote.

I had a man tell me if Hillary was the candidate in November, he would vote for Donald Trump just out of spite. Now, what sort of American is that? You’re going to vote against your own best interest, and the best interest of your country, simply because you didn’t get what you wanted. I asked him if he really called himself an American? He never answered me; in fact, he deleted the conversation.

Voice your opinions, fight your fights, stand up for who you believe in, just remember we are all Americans. Be respectful and educate yourself on that which you don’t know. Don’t be bullied and don’t be a bully.

And come November — Be United.

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