The Case for Black Lives Matter Has Been Taken Under Advisement

White America has take under advisement the claim that black lives matter. Their corporate media, so far, is indifferent. All the while African Americans are in the streets over police murder. The media has said, so far, “Who are you people to claim that your lives matter?” “You don’t get to decide if anybody’s life matters; White America does that.” “There are people in the streets and uncomfortable protests going on.” “This was not happening before last week, o you must sit down, shut up, back off and pack it in.” “This is all your fault.” “We will let you know if your lives matter.”

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that white lives matter. Potential violence against policemen is again brewing in America, and no matter how emancipated black America feels, it makes them very uneasy to think that Mr. Charlie might be getting angry. This is part and parcel of the American culture – all the way back to the fear and consternation that happened when the “normal” plantation life of slave labor, rape and lynching were in full swing.

Nobody thinks there is a problem with weapons of war being available to the general public, it seems, until they are used to kill “New York’s Finest.” War has been declared, proclaims Fox News. It’s a civil war, or a race war, depending on the basis of their neurosis. Joe Walsh, who is no longer in Congress (praise to the American voter), made threats that “real America” is “coming for you.” He meant the President. This is clearly treason; coward that he is. He took the tweet down that contained this material. That’s because – pay attention to this, please – when the shooting starts Joe Walsh will not be there. He will be barricaded in his basement.

The commentators of Fox News who are talking treason about President Obama, to say nothing of Bill O’Reilley, will not lead the confrontation between the White Supremacy Movement and Black America. O’Reilley ought to be yanked off the air by the seat of his pants for his seven-year campaign of lies against President Obama. Now do you see why he should have been fired? He is where this white contempt for black lives feeds into our culture.

If the battle starts, where are you going to go? How will you go to work; to school; shop for food walk your dog, for Pete’s sake? What kind of a former human being wants a street war between Americans?

Are you going to be considered armed, and shot down, by a police officer, if you go outside to fix a tire with a screwdriver? Who are the good guys? Are we supposed to relax when we see the black militia patrolling the streets, or can we go to a corner store when we see the white guys? You have to answer these questions for yourself.

No one in the media or on the Internet addresses these issues. I admit that I need someone to explain it to me, too. The idea that a civil race war, between Americas, seems to come, at long last, from the eight-year-old idea that Obama is not really the President. Black Americans are not really Americans, and civil rights do not apply to everyone no matter what they may think. We have the Religious Right and their vicious, traitorous racism to thank for this. Everything they said to feed the racism and anger of the public, which has now been embodied in the person of Donald Trump, brought us here today. And, oh yes, there sure is a king-size elephant in the room, and it is wearing a sheet and a hood. And I am sure that plenty of white Evangelical pastors are all for Trump as they act as chaplains for their town’s Ku Klux Klan.

Every time White America splutters over the BLM Movement, there is only one thing to say to them, really: Ku Klux Klan. If the white community can’t give up the power to terrorize Black America, we’d better all get out of the way and try to stay out of the crossfire.

I have read that these years are the last grasp for power of the Twentieth Century leftovers who are still plotting to take America back to the century where they feel that America is white again, and all is right with the world. This cannot happen. It has nothing to do with people’s desires and dreams. It is just psychologically impossible to go back in time to a more comfortable era. Have you ever run into someone you were madly in love with twenty years ago?

It’s also because the previous, great white era never existed. African Americans have been terrorized by white Americans since slavery was abolished. The lynchings and discrimination have never let up. African Americans have never known a time in America when they were not brutalized, denied their rights, or treated like second-class citizens. White America is sitting on this powder keg at their peril.

And that is all very well, but I insist that they have no right to take me with them. Make speeches, put up despicable web pages, advocate treason and sedition against the President, who cares? No decent people will read it. But you traitors have no right to take some kind of fantasy video game to the streets of America. Don’t even try. Do the white militias really want to take on Black America plus the National Guard? Somehow I think not.

Editor’s Note: While the article states the media is “ignoring” the events of the last several days, the writer cited many references to Fox as examples. Despite the claim, the cable news and news blogs and internet publications have covered these events nearly non-stop since the first shooting in Baton Rouge and many have given extensive coverage to all sides of the issues.

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