Choosing our Denial: Climate – Choice – Immigrants

We can run, or run for office. We can hide in pizza pies or Trump Twitter lies; or despite our antebellum Attorney General, get in the pink of peaceful assembly for justice and equality for all.

We can be earth stewards or watch our ship of state beached by Wall Street Whales. We can fight for mutual respect, walk the walk, signs aplomb, or bearing bygone pompoms, sigh at the demise of, We Shall Overcome.

We can ban together against being banned, facing-off Conservative restrictions before the parade passes by with a farewell to welcoming arms, or we can get off the sidelines, renewed in the knowledge that America is not a part-time job, for civics, civility and unity are the pillars of citizenship.

We can regret not being the heroes of change we long to reflect or courageously contribute to all hands-on deck. We can accept the serenity of what we created but are unable to change, or change our projectile, remembering to let it begin with me — or settle for those who have not the wisdom to know the difference.

We can choose to disgrace ourselves, like cyclical Saccade infestation, or challenge, what is past is prologue with the audacity of an open mind, the daring of a Braveheart and the fortitude of a Moral March — or we can feign non-duplicity with a despot who, after duping so many, is but a harmless joke — and watch America’s greatness finally slip away, under Voter-ID yoke.

We can stand tall, proud descendants of Ellis Island invaders, bequeathing our children’s children, respect for Standing Rock and a multi-cultural legacy — as did immigrant George Morikami — or choose to either mock Obama sharing Pearl Harbor Memorial with Japanese Prime Minister Abe or, immigrant First Lady taking Madam Akie Abe to Palm Beach Florida Japanese garden, as though she’d never seen such a botanical before.

Robert Frost notwithstanding, walls, as a rushing to catch up polluted China knows, keep both within and without. From China, we can learn, ignore the global call or, bound feet, banned thinking and family limitations, yielded to immigration benefits: Marco Polo, Giacomo Puccini and visiting Olympians.

There is little that can restrain informed advocacy, restrict peaceful activism or wall out a dream — The Underground Railroad saved men, women and children from slavery without Locomotive or Caboose.

We can choose The Golden Rule, or, Red-Mapping, choose to deny lessons of a trumped presidency:

  • Despite politicized Supreme Court, Congressional obstructionism of President Obama and a Fourth Estate mired in ratings war muckraking — we have a Judicial Branch of Government still defending our Checks and Balances system, and First Amendment rights against he who would be king


  • The Women’s March of January 21, 2017 was a massive repudiation, by women and men of every heritage, creed, ethnicity and persuasion, of Donald Trump, Koch brothers, religious & racial bigotry and GOP War on Women — And the World listened and joined us – as they had immediately after 9/11/2001


  • The Moral Marches, Travel Ban Airport Protests and response of Republican voters, in Town Hall meetings of GOP leadership, prove we can still be The United States of America

Whether we deny Climate Change or Climate Change deniers, Trump and the company he keeps can never deny us the architecture of our character, the diversity of our Arts, the music in our hearts nor the literature of our minds that preserve, protect and defend the Theatre of our national soul.

Leaders of both major political parties need stop asking for votes by preaching to the choir, seeking political positions in partisan forums and knocking at the doors of reversal, in secret congressional conspiracy.

Instead, follow your followers to the streets, for it is there that real patriots have taken the challenge to legitimacy of America’s elections and victory for America’s Constitution.

Want to relieve Trump of his duties: Get in the Way!

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