Americans Receive Message of Christian Culture War

Americans have finally acknowledged receipt of the message they have been getting through the Culture Wars. These, of course, were the Republicans’ substitutes for policy, of which they have had none since President Bill Clinton was elected. The Republicans’ eight-year effort was to veto the two elections that put and kept Clinton in the Oval Office. They didn’t seem to understand that if they did remove Clinton from office they would have Al Gore as president; they kept on hammering their talking points home until they were able to steal an election for George W. Bush.

While the Bush Administration was running “in campaign mode,” they pushed Culture Wars on America to distract from the voodoo economics that they were putting into place to destroy our economy. Bush himself tried mightily to see that the actual crash came down on the president after him, but he failed at that and his destruction of the economy was in all the papers, if you remember.

So instead of policy, the Republican effort of conquering Americans by division – principally along color lines – has been center stage. But now another message has arrived. It is the message that “some animals are more equal than others,” in the words of the futuristic novel Animal Farm. And the less-equal part of our population has now been expanded to include the LGBT community.

People who call themselves Christians (erroneously) have jumped on this bandwagon right next to the Mitch McConnell racist contingent, shoving the dated pro-life harridans aside to make room for new and deeper hate. Given the rabid obsession with sex in the evangelical Church, they stand a good chance of going all the way to the death of that Church before they come to their senses.

If I seem to be a little harsh – of course I am. I may be making harsh comments, but I speak of people who are taking the lives of others, or advocating it; they deserve it. Here is an exchange that took place on social media between myself and someone who thinks s/he is a Christian. I had writtten: “Margot Fernandez God intended for every human being to be free. He intends for every African American to be free. He intends for every member of the LGBT community to be free of persecution and discrimination. He intends for minority groups to be equal before American civil law.”

This Bible-honoring Christian person replied: “No Margot. That is not how freedom works. That is not what God intends for every human. Free people sometimes persecute others. Free people have the God given ability to discriminate between between good and bad, between good and better, between bad and worse. We have the right and responsibility to discriminate every second of our lives. What God intends for every human is to learn to discriminate well and to learn from every trial and hardship that every human inevitably endures.

“Besides, what sense does it make to frame His intentions exclusively as an American thing? His will is much higher and truer than American civil law, isn’t it? Does He intend something different for most of Mankind who aren’t touched by American civil law? The type of social justice gospel that you espouse has a very long and tragic tradition. Be careful. Our ideas have consequences.”

This sounded awfully familiar to me. I used to read such commentary during the Civil Rights era. But on the face of it, right away you can see it as an excellent argument why children should not be allowed to graduate from secondary school unless they have passed a course in civics. Obviously the person who wrote the post above does not understand the difference between personal decisions and civil law.

Calling something “civil law” as opposed to “criminal law” does not diminish civil law, by the way. It is quite as binding and obligatory as criminal law statutes. A person who writes like the poster above has forgotten the well-known adage: Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get gay married! Are you opposed to abortion? Don’t ever have one!

So if you wish to be sure that you are not sharing your sphere of existence with the LGBT community, no one cares. Restrict your friends and acquaintances as much as you like! No decent human being wants to hang out with you anyway. But when you cross the line of, “I don’t want them eating in my favorite restaurant, etc.,” you have crossed that line and no matter how charming you can make the word “discrimination” sound, you are not on the receiving end. And you know, just to throw something in from the Bible that these discriminating individuals claim to think so highly of, there is a guy in the Bible whose name was Jesus. He is considered one of the more important figures in Scripture. And he left us with this: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Well, that means that you can have all the discrimination you want unless you try to dish it out to the guy at the next desk, right?

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