Clinics Close: DIY Abortions

No matter how many bad laws Republicans pass to prevent abortions, women will manage to get an abortion if they want one. Women have been aborting unwanted cells for years and years. Unfortunately, in 2013, Texas closed so many reproductive clinics that fewer than 20 remain to serve 5.4 million women. This summer, July 2016, Indiana’s new restrictive abortion law goes into effect, unless the court strikes it down. With so many closings in many states, where do women go to get an abortion?

Women will go wherever they need to go to have an abortion or to obtain an abortion drug. That’s not to say coat hangers are definitely out, but if possible, there are less dangerous routes to abortion. Women can go across the border to a drugstore in Mexico that sells over the counter abortion drugs, to obtain misoprostol which causes abortions (DIY). And it’s a lot cheaper than having a surgical abortion at a clinic.

“This is a trend we only anticipate growing in light of many factors, including this spate of state-level provisions on access that are resulting in clinic closures,” said Jill Adams, a legal expert on self-induced abortions and executive director of the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at the University of California, Berkeley Law School.

Why Get Abortions?
When will politicians learn? You can’t force a woman to have a baby (unless you trick her into thinking one of those Pregnancy Centers is an abortion clinic). Babies are expensive, they are time-consuming, they are a life-long commitment. If a woman cannot afford to have a baby or simply DOES NOT WANT ONE, why should she be forced to have one? Who is going to care for that baby- it won’t be the states since they are cutting WIC and Welfare and food stamps from all of the “lazy people.”

My question is WHY? Why do these politicians write so many laws to prohibit abortion? Why do they feel the need to insert themselves into such a private decision as abortion? If they want to reduce the number of abortions, why aren’t they requiring woman to take birth control? Or providing more support for women after the baby is born?


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