Condition RED! Red Alert!

If you are a younger voter who is thinking of supporting a third party or staying home in November, as this article says you might, read on! OK, I get that, I do understand. Yes, she is not as cool as Obama, perhaps not as progressive as Sanders and not as “untainted” as Jill Stein. I get it. And if, say, Mitt Romney were running again, things might not be so bad. Yes, you would lose the right to control your own reproductive processes and economic inequality would continue to get worse when he won, but that just continues the trends. C’est la vie.


But Trump is a game changer. A true red alert case. He cannot be allowed to win under any circumstances. Staying home or voting third party this year gets you this:

War! Trump has promised to let loose the hounds of war in the first 30 days if he is elected. He has basically said that our current military leadership is a bunch of pussies. And he is going to change that first thing! So it seems that his plan, if you call it a plan, is to install some lunatic fringe generals as the Joint Chiefs and set them loose in the Middle East. This is one of the few times I take him at his word. He has said he is going to ask the “generals” for a plan, then let them do it. Same as Iraq. A new escalation and episode in the “War on Terror.” Imagine the Pentagon with even less oversight than the Bush administration. Trump has called for the commission of war crimes on many occasions, I also take him at his word on this. This alone is enough to make sure you get out and vote for someone who can actually beat Trump.

Climate change. Trump is a denier, of course. A president Trump means a free hand for the fossil fuel industries. If you think progress is slow now, wait until you see how fast it goes downhill under Trump.

Reproductive Rights. I don’t think that Trump personally gives a shit about abortion either way. But he has promised to let the religious right run rampant. And this is also something I take him at his word for. The religious right has shown that it not only wants to eliminate abortion, but also birth control. If you thought Scalia was backwards, wait until you see who Trump replaces him with.

Another Republican Recession! Now, I am no economist, but it strikes me that in the 1920s we restricted global trade and also severely reduced immigration. We know what happened next. If Trump really does tear up the trade agreements and carry out his immigration “ideas,” the ensuing chaos really could lead to an economic crisis. I am not as convinced he will do these things, and no one knows what the actual results will be, but why take a chance?

Paul Ryan in Charge! Domestic policy is another area where Trump does not give a shit. Which means that he will sign pretty much anything that Paul Ryan sends him. End Obamacare. Privatize Social Security. Gut Medicare. End corporate taxation. La la la la…sign anything Ryan sends him. College loan forgiveness, increased day care availability, universal healthcare? Foggedabbum! You’ll never see those things come out of the Paul Ryan Congress! If you want Paul Ryan running domestic policy, stay home on election day or vote third party.

It seems pretty clear that Trump does not give a shit about most things. He just wants to look tough (like Putin!) and to get applause from what he considers the “decent folks:” the audience of Breitbart and InfoWars.alt_right_rejoices_at_donald_trumps_steve_bannon_hire_-_the_daily_beast_-_2016-08-18_11-45-08

Now, Hilary might not be as ideologically pure as the driven snow but she will not turn the Pentagon into a war criminal factory. She will appoint judges that will uphold reproductive and social rights. She will move in the right direction on climate change. She won’t be doing away with Social Security, Medicare or Obamacare. She has shown that she can be pushed to even more progressive policies, witness the shift on TPP. None of this has any chance with Trump in the Whitehouse and Ryan running congress.

Here in Wisconsin, younger more progressive voters who came out for Obama in 2008 stayed home in 2010. We got a regressive Republican regime that broke the teacher’s union, passed right to work laws, gutted higher education funding, restricted voting rights and have been generally a wet dream come true for the Koch brothers.

If those same voters stay home home in November, Trump will be a wet dream come true for likes of Breitbart, Infowars and the deplorable, racist alt-right, which make the Koch Brothers look Lyndon Johnson by comparison.

This really is a red alert!



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