Conservative Clown Craziness

In light of today’s events in Louisville, KY and the ceremonies surrounding the burial and memorial services of Muhammad Ali I couldn’t help but hear the usual cries of outrage from the Right and the constant nasal whining about draft dodger, traitor and coward. I figured it was time to weigh in on the subject.

Muhammad Ali: Burns his draft card, stands up and declares his decision to be a conscientious objector and refuses to go to war. He does not run, he does not hide and he does not abuse the system. He accepts the consequences of his decision and loses his title, loses his career for three years is arrested and sentenced to five years in prison (which was overturned by the Supreme Court.)
Conservative Clowns: coward, traitor and draft dodger.

Mitt Romney: also used his Faith to get out of going to war except he left the country and did not face any of the hardship, persecution or insult the Muhammad Ali faced.

Donald Trump: well, we all know, how religious Mr. Two Corinthians is … so how does another wealthy connected brat get out of going to war without getting dirty like Mr Ali? He gets four deferments for education, then suddenly develops bone spurs to get a medical disqualification. This, even though he did not qualify two years easier with an ailment he developed only after he had expired all of his educational deferments.
Conservative Clowns:

Romney 2012!!!

Trump 2016!!!
Stop pretending to care about America. Stop pretending to have principles. We are here. We see you. We understand you. And we do not fear you. We reject you and everything you stand for and all of the fear and hate you hide behind.

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