A considerable challenge to primitive Christians

The ongoing refugee crisis, which was foisted off on the Middle East by the First World nations without any conscience, has led me to revisit things I have been writing about from the Old Testament. Primitive Christianity has been an embarrassment to the American Church for generations now, as fundamentalists not only insist on their right to believe what they wish, but also insist on a right that they do not have, which is to force their Eighteenth Century beliefs on others, particularly Americans who are not Christians.

I continue to be amazed that the Jewish community, for one, is not pushing back harder against the fanatics who make absurd statements to the public about how non Christians do not even have equal rights in this country. But as I explore some proof quotes that do not prove anything, or at least not anything that backs up the stupid positions that fundamentalists are taking, I complain that primitive Christians have not made the jump from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and as long as that situation prevails the evangelical community will remain terrified of God and resentful that other Christians seem so happy and full of love. They are full of hate and fear, which they will deny. That is an indication of how deep in denial evangelicals are, in that they will claim to love God even though it is psychologically impossible to love a being before whom you grovel in fear.

But when the evangelical Church looks to their Old Testament for proof quotes, the one that counts the most in today’s political arena is this: “You will treat the stranger with kindness…I am the Lord your God.”

We simply cannot get beyond that quote as fundamentalist members of the government, both in Congress and in state office, continue to persecute the immigrant community with no apologies. They want to punish children for being born of undocumented parents. They want to punish the parents. They want to put millions of people in jail. The craven Republican apologists, some of whom are, unbelievably, Latino by descent, twist themselves into human pretzels to find some rationalization that will prevent millions of registered Latino voters from throwing dozens of Republicans out of office in a matter of months.

Moving into the international arena, the creators and perpetrators of war in the Middle East, Western nations who pick the dictator they will support and let fly all their sophisticated weapons of war, are currently trying to outdo each other in making it difficult-to-impossible for refugees to escape the living hell that Western powers have inflicted upon them.

It would be strictly a political issue if Republicans had not made their dirty deals with the likes of Francis Schaeffer and the rest of the modern evangelists who leaped to Republican money like trout to a lure. Republicans are now getting away with calling themselves Christians, while churches like the one I used to attend display signs on their property that read: Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime.

Any Latino voter who casts a ballot for a Republican deserves to see their own family persecuted, which is exactly what they will see no matter what kind of pretty tales they tell themselves. The allure that the Repubican Party used to have, that of respectability and patriotism, is long gone, as are their pretenses of fiscal responsibility, which went with the Bush administration. You would think that eight years of the Obama administration would have scared some Republicans straight, but it has not happened on any public level. If Americans do not want to live under fascism, they had better get over the color of President Obama’s face and vote in their best interests.

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