Conspiracy Theories: The Escape of Extremists

Gather ’round the fire children and let me tell you a tale of love and hate, crime and violence, dark alleys, dark fiends and dark deals with the devil.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one..

Forty five years ago a young woman, the daughter of a drapery and textile businessman in Scranton, PA met the draft dodging son of a smooth talking philandering salesman.

But make no mistake, don’t let the innocent background of a “honest” small business fool you! Like the pasta eateries of the 1920s that were mere fronts for the gray Italian mafia families this seemingly innocuous setting was just a mere front for a powerful American Political Cabal one that, united with the smooth talking draft dodger, was poised to take over the entire American political landscape.

Now around this point is where details get a little sketchy but in short the liberal dynamic duo begin forming a national coalition where they begin, through violent strong arming and shady blackmail, they take over the entire national media, judicial system, criminal investigative organization and even congressional oversight committees so they would be able to run carte blanche all over the American Constitution, American way of life and the American people.

What ensued was a political coup and a clandestine crime spree in which anybody that dared cross the Clintons was either murdered or had their character completely assassinated. Having won the governorship of a backwater state and firmly established themselves in the political landscape they pursued and attained the White House with the smooth talking draft dodger took over the country. The philandering Bill cheated the system and even got away with crimes too many to number.

Now this daughter of darkness tolerated the evil Bill’s philandering ways because he was her ticket to power. She then became a Senator and her coalition helped a criminal Islamist terrorist Kenyan take power as a shadow dictator determined to destroy the American way. As payment for her Cabal putting him in office she was awarded the Secretary of State position so as to further establish her international cabal.

Having sensed the culture was ripe for a female candidate she announced her campaign and in cahoots with the DNC, having established her own Hatchet Man (DWS) she rigged the entire system to ensure her nomination.

THe latest chapter in her vicious crime spree? A young staffer that MAY have been the leak that fed the information to WikiLeaks, a young DNC staffer that just “wanted to do the right thing” ended up dead with multiple gunshot wounds in an assumed botched robbery, even though nothing was missing, was the latest victim of the Clinton Cabal.

The details vary…but you get the idea…

Once upon a time this was the insane dribble that only right wing nut jobs subscribed too. But now that Bernie Sanders lost the Bernie or Bust people are also subscribing to this ridiculous BS.

Conspiracy theories are a beautiful thing because they use circumstantial evidence combined with wild conjecture…and since it is just a “theory” we can totally judge the person without proof. That judgement, while legally has no weight, somehow it trumps the legal decision in the public opinion.

Welcome to the screwed up world of politics in the USA.

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