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Following on my post the other day, there is an important observation to be made that I haven’t seen yet. Most liberals/progressives agree that the campaign of Donald Trump has been a farce. People very highly placed in the Republican Party are bewildered by his behavior and are asking if he really wants to win, or if there is something else motivating him.

This possible motivation emerged last week when the “rats” of conservative media began gathering around the Trump campaign like rats boarding a ship that is about to go to sea. It’s perfectly understandable that this group of people might think that out-Foxing the Fox Network is possible. The white nationalists and bigots of all descriptions are coming out of the woodwork and voicing strong support for Trump,

But how did this happen? Why did not the more acceptable candidates win the nomination so that they could run a campaign based on Republican principles?

Well, my opinion on that reflects my belief that there are no principles in the Republican Party. They abandoned their principles over time, starting with voodoo economics and proceeding as they jumped into bed with the Religious Right. You do not have to take my word for this. You only have to read the Republican platform, which is posted online. Trump probably couldn’t quote it, but his running mate, Mike Pence, is a poster boy for misogyny and bigotry.

When the Republicans abandoned the entire idea of principles, they left a vacuum big enough for Trump to step in and simply walk away from them with his flock of followers who simply want to live the way they saw it on television when they were kids. They are not on their way “back to the future.” No–they really want and intend to go back to the past, when they believe that the world was under someone’s control. Today’s society of liberated women, minorities with actual rights and true religious freedom is frightening to them. They can’t handle the truth, or as I would put it, they can’t handle reality. They want another reality, and they want to create it for their own benefit, without mouthy African Americans and an LGBTQ community that can actually be seen and heard.

An empty facade with plenty of talking heads helped Republicans hold their office until now, when the stripping away of money from the Treasury has almost run its course. When ordinary people feel the pinch of “austerity,” they realize that they are giving up education, health services and social services so that billionaires can get more and more. If I were a billionaire who has been raking it in since Ronald Reagan’s administration I would be pricing real estate in the Middle East and getting ready to leave a country in which it will be quite clear, very soon, that I have had my turn and am no longer welcome, lording my billions over common people who have thrust into poverty deliberately.

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