Beware of Advice From the Corporate media


Beware of advice from the corporate media, particularly media outlets and/or advisors who suddenly take an interest in your well-being. I think we can take it as a given that when the corporations start pushing an agenda, it was not conceived in selfless concern for your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

In my old neighborhood, the Western Pacific islands, whole land forms are disappearing under the rising sea levels while the world does nothing. I expect because you and I don’t have islands sinking out of sight in our backyards. The communities that do, like Hawaii and Guam, simply “do not rate” that kind of attention from those who presently are raking in money given to them by the Congress of the United States of America.

So in a few corporate media outlets I have noticed an emerging meme to the effect that everyone ought to jump right on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon because Sanders is the only person who stands a chance of winning the presidency over candidate Donald Trump. You may be asking yourself why–and I hope so. I certainly am asking myself why.

If you have been listening to the liberal talk show, the Thom Hartmann Program, you would have had the opportunity to listen to a live visit from Sanders to the show every Friday for some time before he officially announced his candidacy. During those appearances Sanders repeatedly said that he did not want to run for president. Then he finally kind of hemmed and hawed and said, well, okay then, I guess I’ll run.

This is supposed to impress us. When you look at candidate Hillary Clinton, who has been planning to run for president for at least a generation – and has prepared herself accordingly – you are expected to discount things such as being First Lady for eight years under a bitter partisan attack, being Secretary of State after serving in the Senate. Instead get excited about a reluctant candidate who did not see fit to join the Democratic Party until a year ago.

Sanders does not help raise money for Democratic candidates. His speeches cast him in the role of a lone voice crying in the wilderness, when in fact most (if not all) liberal candidates affirm the same positions. Not all the candidates telegraph their punches, either. Sanders continues to lay out all the talking points that will arouse the bitterest opposition to the damage he is contemplating to the Military-Industrial Complex.

So how would supporting Sanders give us a candidate more likely to be elected? The Republicans have been gearing up to attack every aspect of Clinton’s career (to say nothing of her character) for all that time when she has been on their radar as a potential First Woman President headed for the history books.

More and more talk is also circulating on both sides of the aisle about third-party candidates. If you are too young to remember the illegal awarding of the presidency to George W. Bush after his brother, then governor of Florida, skipped counting the actual votes, you need to review that event. Third party candidates are egotistical spoilers who operate on the attitude that if they can’t have what they want, you can’t either and they will do incredible damage to the entire American society for the sake of their wounded pride. In the near future we will begin to get intimate portraits of some of the leading candidates as they decide how far they will go in that direction.

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