Crazy Like A Conservative…or Not

It has been so long since right-wing politicians operated on a rational basis that it is now impossible to believe that all of them are not as stupid as they look. There is so much talk of craziness on the extremes of “conservatism” that one has to look at it and ask if it is at all possible that there is a method in their madness.

The consistent refusal to look at facts has been accompanied by the continual affirmation of the most inhumane and heartless policies. Why is this? Are these people simply “that way,” and not intelligent enough to know that the polls show that they are, as the New York Times put it, approaching the same fate as a kamikaze pilot, and for the same reasons?

At first the political branch of conservatism tried to get past this huge reality–like gnats trying to swallow camels–by creating their own polls and the pollsters to go with them. Thus there was exhilaration as the 2012 election drew to a close, with those whose job it is to tell Republicans what they want to hear proclaiming a landslide victory for candidate Mitt Romney. Then they lost by millions of votes.

But another element entered the situation in the 2012 election season: the ultra-rich and their minions, who appeared in Washington, D. C., waving checkbooks and buying members of congress who couldn’t see straight. How long this will go on is anyone’s guess; the American political right is now owned and operated by the Koch Brothers and their clones. But the seeds of destruction are being sown, not by liberals, but by the very people who have done severe damage to our form of government. I cite as an example the wage protests that are gaining momentum all over the country, not to mention the blacked-out demonstrations that are taking place in Washington in spite of being ignored by corporate media.

It looks to everyone but themselves that the right wing is putting the finishing touches on their redecoration of the Titanic. But if there actually is a method in their craziness, it seems to me that it could be an attempt to break the spirit of the American people. One of the most disorienting things that can happen to anyone is a series of blows coming out of the right, left and center. It seems to me that the right wing is hammering their stupid agenda in the belief that the American people will give up eventually, and let them have their way.

But this is the stupidest idea of all. History is not made by the masses, but by exceptional people who rise to positions of leadership. Nelson Mandela came to prominence in South Africa because of apartheid, not because he was rich and privileged. Having provided the American people with ample reason to be angry and frustrated, it only remains for a leader to arise here who will galvanize those people and march to Washington. It is beginning to look as though that is already happening.

The only reason that President Barack Obama is not doing this, I believe, is that he had dreams of working across the aisle. Bipartisanship does not seem out of the question to him, for some reason. I don’t know why he thinks this, but by now there has been enough damage done to the American middle class that soon it will no longer matter what the president thinks. Meanwhile, another leader has appeared to scare the Democrats straight, and the more dire the circumstances, the stronger the possibility that President Obama will be superseded by the reality of a new American leader. His implicit belief that a conventional politician like Hillary Clinton is staring into the face of Senator Bernie Sanders like a child answering the door on Halloween.

By now the next American revolution is inevitable. It will again be a revolution of the common people who refuse to become American peasants. President Obama attempted to lead this revolution from behind, and he never did get out in front of it. It isn’t too late, but it is too late for the right wing to hope that it will not happen. There has been a second march on Washington already.

And where is the Christian Church during this turmoil, now that the unrest has already begun? Well, in large part, it is nowhere as of right now. Tut-tut preaching on Sundays doesn’t count! The American Church is in danger of sitting this crisis out, as it did the Civil Rights Movement that morphed into the Antiwar Movement during the Sixties and Seventies. It should be remembered that the people won that fight, and that it consumed a Republican Presidency that was holding power through “dirty tricks” and deception.

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