Crucify Him – The Unintended Consequences of Bigotry, Hatred and Intolerance

Some of my best friends are, women, black, gay multi-racial, Asian and far left Liberals, but many of my best friends are ardent conservative Republicans.

Some of my best friends Feel the Bern, while others are Fox affiliated — some radically Left, some staunchly Independent and some, anti-Obama & abortion and pro-life & small government.

Some of my best friends believe, though Trump continues to prove some of us are the people you can fool all of the time, most of America sees definition beyond political & religious views, skin color and reruns of mob rule Hitlerisms.

There are worse things than being a loud mouth, violence inciting, ego maniac: rapists of our economy or either gender, spousal abusers, investors who buy to bankrupt, those who neglect veterans, seniors, children or profit from economic disparity.

As we pile on the villain de Jour, it’s vital we honor the example of fake President Michael Douglas, for Freedom is not the encouragement to use our Constitution, especially The Bill of Rights, as a weapon of national mass destruction.

Truth is, Freedom of Speech is for the ugly, the vile and the stupid just as much as, for caregivers, teachers and other saints.

Our Freedoms are neither Right nor Left, but only as good, or bad, as we choose to live The Golden Rule. Freedom, like education and prosperity, neither serves nor saves when applied selectively or as a part-time convenience.

Nonetheless, don’t some of our best friends already know…

  • There are too few similarities between the recipient of the most infamous mob shouting, Crucify Him and the bankrupt Emperor with no clothes
  • It’s not just the leader of the GOP pack. It’s the malignant tumor he’s exposed in our Exceptionalism
  • Ratings hungry media, self-condemned to the blood sucking Feed Me Seymour monster its 24/7 created, incites national division, turmoil in the streets and Daylight Savings heart attack increases, as much as any political candidate
  • Ultimately, whether cheerleaders, bystanders or sucker punchers, We the People are responsible for all of the people, all of the time
  • Right winging us into the red, while gerrymandering and green-lighting increased police brutality: corporately owned, militarized and media celebrated Marshall Law, is the underbelly of faux patriot acts — intended to cement the lines that divide us

Maybe instead of binge watching streaming reflections of our daily headlines, we need to self-examine and dissect the reality of America’s loss of an essential essence and the potential for a new American Dream — Twilight of the Demigods.

With faith in each other’s working together in harmony aforethought, almost nothing is irreversible or impossible, but it does take a union of actionable commitment to economic, gender, racial, political and sexual Justice for All.

Isn’t it better for our U. S. Constitution to be chiseled in our hearts than stone? Is patriotism, love of country while hating fellow Americans? What is exceptional about political rallies inciting violence between contrasting points of view, instead of promoting peaceful assembly?

Who are we and what are we willing to become? Are we Henry Ford’s cream that rises to the top, or Jack Lemmon’s nation sending the elevator back down for the next generation?

Are we a nation where more than half of gun owners have not received formal firearm training in the past decade or a citizenry who asks, seeks and knocks for some balance between the need for a well-regulated militia (arguably, our National Guard) and preventing a politicized military?

Is it for us rather to be dedicated to yet another trumped news cycle of Sunday talking heads or shall we do more than rail against the wealthiest and battle with those choosing the chaotic simplicity of being under informed?

If some of our best friends choose a rainbow melting pot, while others choose, civil war, with whom shall we “reason to be in unison?”

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