Cycling to Improve Your Health, the Planet, and the Economy

With unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide concentrations in modern times, it’s clear that we need to take action in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment. Because cars are to blame for such a large portion of this pollution, one of the key areas to evaluate is your mode of transportation. 

Riding a bicycle isn’t just for the carefree youth of the world. Pedaling on two wheels is fun, healthy, and economical for everyone, regardless of age. In fact, the simple act of riding a bike could even be seen as a political statement in terms of environmental wellness.

When you choose a bicycle over a car to get to school or work, you’re engaging in a form of alternative transportation that can help you be healthier, save money, do something good for the environment, and improve your overall quality of life.

Even if you only choose to ride your bike one day a week, you are still making a change that can have a positive effect around your household, local community, and the world at large.

You Will Help Conserve the Environment

One of the biggest reasons to ride a bicycle is to help the environment. Over-congestion of roads and highways has led to a major air pollution problem that is furthering the effects of climate change and putting our planet and the well-being of future generations in peril.

If we’re going to save the planet, more people will need to utilize forms of alternative transportation, like bicycles. High carbon emissions from too many vehicles puts toxins like carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases in the air that contribute to unsafe temperatures around the world and air that is not fit to breathe. This problem becomes even worse when cars are idling in a traffic jam, which happens frequently in cities and major roadways. With all those cars sitting and spewing toxins, it is no wonder why we are having an environmental crisis.

We need more people choosing eco-friendly transportation options, whether out of interest in personal health, a sound financial future, environmental concerns, or perhaps all three. The transportation choices you make on a daily basis can have huge positive or negative impacts around the world.

You Will Improve Your Health

In addition to being better for the planet, the physical activity involved with riding a bike is good for your health. Whether you are riding for fun or riding with a destination in mind (like commuting to work), you are doing your fitness a favor. Cycling can benefit your health in many ways:

  • Cycling can help prevent a variety of serious health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and arthritis.
  • Cycling is a form of preventative medicine that does not come in a pill bottle or at a doctor’s office, but instead can likely be found in your garage.
  • Getting outside, breathing fresh air, and stretching your legs can improve your physical well-being as well as your mental health.
  • Exercise produces endorphins that can lift your mood and give you a new perspective on life.

Remember to follow the rules of the road while cycling, as a bicycle is considered a vehicle in most U.S. states. As long as you ride safely, wear a helmet, and obey traffic laws, regularly riding a bike could be one of the best things you can do for your health.

You Will Save Money

If health reasons do not convince you that riding a bike is a good idea, perhaps financial possibilities will! When you are healthier, for example, you spend less money on medical bills — and if the way you are getting healthier is through bike riding, that also means that you are likely spending less time driving your car.

Selling your car in favor of a bicycle can save you a lot of money in the long run. Without a car, you also do away with the monthly expense of auto insurance, gas, car payment, mechanical maintenance, and more.

All that extra money can be saved or put toward something else. This could be especially important for millennials, who face a tough economic climate. Whether you ride a bike to work to make a statement or because you can’t afford another option, it is a sound choice for your wallet and your financial future. After all, you can likely find a used bicycle for under $100. 

Even if you bought all the bells and whistles that make riding and commuting easier like panniers, lights, locks, and racks, you would still be spending far less than you would on car payments and maintenance. Any way you look at it, riding a bike instead of driving your car can help you save money in a big way.

You might not have guessed that riding a bicycle could be a political or even a radical act, but by doing away with the myth that the only way to get around in this world is by owning a car, you can change the system and improve your personal health as well as the health of the world around you. Perhaps best of all, you can have fun doing it.

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