No such things as facts? Really?

Not that I am saying, please note, that anyone actually believes that there are no such things as facts. What we are seeing is simply a tactic to excuse Republicans from having to deal with facts. And since they have nothing but their rationalizations to support the outlandish opinions that they are currently putting forth, it looks like they are doing pretty well in foisting on us the positions that serve their purposes.

It is a very badly miscalculated tactic, to be sure, if you can do math. There are such things as facts, or else we could not bake a cake or buy a frozen turkey and transform it into Thanksgiving’s centerpiece of roasted delight. But what Republicans have done traditionally in stealing elections and passing laws disenfranchising voters, is simply to bull their way through and listen to no one.

This tactic, which has actually worked in the past, is now being resisted as never before. Republicans are not ready for the level of opposition to a possible Trump administration that they are about to see. And it doesn’t help that Trump seems to be some kind of lame and hesitant actor. During the campaign he was a fire-eater; now he seems to be passive and ready to let Republicans set up his personnel.

If Trump is doing what I think he is doing, it is a very dangerous game indeed. My opinion–and I could be wrong–is that he is telegraphing a message to the Electoral College. The message is “DON’T VOTE FOR ME!” I am guessing that he is much more interested in his business interests than in being president.

For example, yesterday he behaved very presidentially–though he has not yet been inaugurated–in making some sort of diplomatic phone call to Taiwan. Now, of all things, who could have seen this coming–it becomes clear today that Trump has interests in building properties in Taiwan! And to show you what a great grasp he has of diplomacy, the phone call was an affront to China, which does not recognize the sovereignty of Taiwan and considers it Chinese territory. Wow, that was helpful. He isn’t even president yet and he is creating diplomatic problems for America.

Meanwhile, look at what is transpiring in his “administration.” Trump has stepped aside to allow the most flagrantly corrupt and heartless conservatives to set themselves up to govern America while he conducts his business. He has put two military men into positions that are intended to be civilian posts. Rich men who bled communities and corporations dry are now setting their sights on the next war. It is just possible that Trump does not actually want this. Or, may I say that I would like to think that of him; it is also possible that he just doesn’t care and is more interested in Taiwan at the moment. So this president-elect doesn’t know or care what is going on in his administration, and so why worry? You think what you think and I think what I think and there are no facts to be found that would gum up the works.

The despicable shakers and movers of the Republican Party are on full display. And think about this–the Religious Right has receded into the shadows. The braying preachers are silent on the administration that is shaping up.

Not only are people who claim to be moral–debatable at best–backing away from Trump, but Twitter is also awash with people who have buyers’ remorse and are disappointed that Trump is no longer yelling about walls and Muslim registries. His attention seems to be turned to demolishing public education and obliterating the so-called social safety net.

It is no longer a question of whether voting for Trump was a good idea. The question now is, will the Electoral College elect the candidate who did not win (and is lying about it)? Will they vote for a man who, as president-elect, is still slamming and bashing the government, not to say ignoring it while he wheels and deals? He doesn’t want to be president!

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