Day Six – Three Things to Keep You Going for the Next Six Days

Well, it has been six days. The media says ‘Give Trump a Chance” Rich from the guy who started the birther movement, led by the man who pledged the day after the 2008 election to make sure Obama never stood a chance. Kelly Ann Conway says Obama and Clinton should make people stop being mean to Trump. OMG, my sides hurt from laughing. Big boy pants Donald.


Unfortunately, we have no choice but to give him a chance because unless there is a miracle hiding in the wings, we are stuck with an Orange human with bad hair, a foul temperament and the scariest group of extremists, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists and hateful hearts ever assembled in our nation’s history.


The time for BS is over. Now is the time to mobilize. To take action. To decide to fight back.


These people ARE coming for other Americans. They ARE coming for your Social Security. They ARE coming for your Health Care, They ARE coming for your Medicare. They ARE coming for your neighbors, your friends, your families, your co-workers and the guy you have been having coffee with for years. They WANT this. So what do we do now?


First stop expecting Democratic candidates to be Mother Theresa or Ghandi. You are not choosing an in-law, you are choosing whether or not a person can do the job. Simple. Whether you “like” them is completely and totally irrelevant. Politicians are not running for parent of the year or teacher of the year or Sunday school marm. They are running to handle millions of people, many of which don’t think or act or look like you. The only questions is are the the best person for the job? Notice that 2 million more people believe Clinton can do the job, but swing states voted on whether they “liked” her. She was not your girlfriend. She was the smart kid you made fun of at the back of the room and now the science experiment has gotten out of control. She is gone and can’t save you now because she wasn’t “popular” or “pretty” enough.



Turn off cable (except maybe Rachel Maddow and Joy Ann Reid and Fareed Zakaria who actually do journalism rather than just BS). Turn off CNN and FOX, and NBC and CBS and ABC and for God’s sake shut off hate radio. And stop saying MSNBC is liberal. P_L_E_A_S_E! They are liberal only if you believe in UnicornS. All of these outlets are paid for by advertisers. They are not fueled by truth. If it is no longer profitable for them to feed you poison, they will stop pushing it. Advertisers won’t pay for air time when no one is listening.
Take a moment to fact check stuff. Facebook is not a news source. Neither is Twitter or Reddit or Pinterest. Check and and and other fact checkers before you post more BS. The amount of misinformation, lies, and absolute crap that was spewed this past year that resulted in this mess is going to catch up to reality and that won’t be pretty.

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There are 3 things to keep in mind as the coming days become clearer.


1. If Trump does not do all the horrific things he has promised to do and backs down on any of it, his own supporters will try to do it for him. They turned out for hate, not progress. They turned out to “punish” someone, anyone, for the pain they think and believe has been inflicted on them by the Liberals and the black guy who “ruined” our country. Understand this, as misguided, uninformed and factually inaccurate as that is, it is their deepest held belief besides xenophobia.
2. This is not going to be easy. It is not going to be safe. It is not going to be over in a few days or weeks. It is not going to be successful all of the time and we are going to get our asses kicked, especially in the beginning. But just like an infestation of cockroaches, they are worse right after the exterminator comes and then they gradually fade away until you forget they once infested your kitchen. We can do this. This is your grandfather’s red neck country again. But we must not hide in our comfy bubbles and hope it all goes away. It won’t and we must flush out the wound and remove the poison if we are ever going to heal.

3. Be prepared to show up in record numbers to vote in 2018. That means getting rid of Republican Governors, State Houses, State Senators, the ENTIRE US House of Representatives and 33 US Senators. You want to fix voter suppression? The largest group of Governors is up for election in 2 years. Some states even have elections next year. Every state house and senate has races every 2 years. The US House is 100% up for election. The US Senate is 1/3 up for election. In 2020 we get to do it again and clean house. Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote in EVERY election unless you want more Trumps, more Christies, more Guilianis, more Jan Brewers, more Sara Palins. More Trumps.


And lastly, be kind to your friends that voted for Trump and these Republicans. They are going to feel just like you in a few months when they realize they fell for the biggest con man in history fueled by the most racist element that has existed since the carpet baggers. Many of our friends and family that drank the snake oil will begin to figure it out and they, too will be scared of what they have unleashed upon the world. Love truly does Trump hate, and that must begin with us because we are the only ones capable of it right now.


I have attached a list of organizations in the document below because this interface does not allow that many links. You can also comment on FB and post it so others can add to it as we go and I will update as often as I can. Not to be self-promoting, but POST this far and wide so people can begin to take action. I don’t claim any credit if we can get the work started right now, this minute.


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