Delusional Ted Cruz Next Ploy: Lift the Burden on Small Businesses

The Indiana Republican primary has been the focus of recent news, so much so, one would think this were the only primary that counted toward the nomination in either party. With Donald Trump leading Cruz by 15 points in recent polls, it is clearly panic time for Republican Senator Ted Cruz who made headlines in recent weeks when he made a doomed for failure alliance with John Kasich in a late attempt to block Donald Trump from clinching the nomination prior to the convention in Cleveland this July.

A delusional Ted Cruz has been blitzing the airwaves with appearances in an attempt to reveal his next ploy to shore up his numerically eliminated campaign. A few days ago, he posted the following tweet:

Cruz apparently wants to lift the burden on small businesses, but his message makes clear that this will result in lower wages for millions of Americans, reduced or eliminated access to healthcare, and an economy that continues to reward the rich and reduce the influence of the lower classes.

What will Cruz’s next ploy be after he loses tonight’s primary? He can’t choose another VP and there is no one left to make an alliance with. Only time will tell.

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