Dereliction of Duty, Honor Country: Nielsen–Nunes–Haspel–Trump-Pence

  • Now DHS Chief Kirstjen Nielsen, not aware Russia, and Putin personally, infested our American 2016 election to help Trump win
  • Too Big to Jail banks cash in on best quarter since cashing out Main Street with Great Recession, so Congress repeals piece of Dodd-Frank peace of mind protection hedge against Great Recession II
  • Volcano lava threatens Hawaiian power plant
  • Kim Jong-un’s queen moves south Knight, rooking pretender king, checking him between NRA praises and scripted thoughts & prayers
  • Friday 18 May 2018 ten dead, ten wounded in Santa Fe Texas in ninth 2018 school shooting

Another entry in America’s Mass Murder journal, annotated by Trump-Pence administration writhe with foreign invasion, domestic terrorism, treasonous flirtations and an anti-American caste system’s inspiration for GOP Deportation Bus.

This is dereliction of Duty, Honor Country!

  • The more, in Trump we trust, the dimmer our exceptional majestic dreams of humane character become
  • The more we allow truth decay and failure to extract arrogant denial from reality of Manafort indictment and Flynn, Gates & Papadopoulos confessed guilt, the greater our consensual collusion with trumped fiction.

The first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, commemorating 65 years on the throne, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II reigns over a U. K. where, the overwhelming majority of police, don’t carry guns.

By contrast, Americans endure increasing revelations from abused minors, sexually harassed women, violent discrimination against LGBTQ and non-Caucasians — and America’s gun murders are nearly thirty times higher than the Mother Country.

Probably the greatest gift personal liberty offers, is the freedom to choose wisely — unless unbridled individual choice performs shotgun weddings between young minds still developing full comprehension of connecting bridge between actions and consequences — and excessive accessibility to handheld destruction.

We can believe in selective manipulation of Bill of Rights’ amendments or stop giving middle and high school students, like Parkland’s Nikolas Cruz, lethal weapons fully capable of automatic mass murder.

We can build on Constitutional law and Statue of Liberty history or emulate corrupted morals of false prophet supremacists profiteering from our willingness to embrace false security.

We either rebuild our American Home of the Brave on the crumbling infrastructure of Corporatism’s rented craven, or on the solid rock of reason, civility and unity.

Either way, our choices define us — hacked 2016 elections spawning a lawless ICE or accepting our FBI as protective wall of investigated facts.

While bids for grandeur bull trade away USA in global china shops, favoring armed teacher tweets ignore truth: Santa Fe High School exemplifies gun runners’ hardened targets definition.

Blocked numbers, obscured usury, the family that steals together stays together, long enough to defraud American Dream, abuse national environment and ban Statue of Liberty brand, before exiting Stage Right into, what profits a man if he trumps the whole world but loses his soul.

To sustain, no one is above the law, we must insist in this country, we include presidents, members of their administration and their erosion of our human decency: domestic violence, ICE and every form of discrimination.

Whether the New York Times or Washington Post, we are free to act on 2016 election facts or be accessories to Trump/Pence administration’s violation of America’s First Amendment.

American patriotism should protect America from those distracting Americans from the swamp devil in the details of Qatar and Kushner 666 5th Avenue’s, art of the deal — or do we deserve Trump/Pence?

In 2018, our death toll for students and teachers killed by guns, outnumbers the number of American military active duty deaths. If MIA, what one item would have spared lives?

Refusing an amateur President a royal ceremony invitation from the wProrld’s fifth oldest monarchy celebrating its continuing evolution, in the persons of Prince Harry and feminist Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle illustrated, with the aplomb of true greatness, England’s vision — including declining Pence/Trump religious and racial discrimination stains on their Stand By Me.

Either we defuse anger, hate and fear or eliminate excessive easy access to their primary instruments for murder. Denying gun violence is as life threatening as denying Opioid addiction, diminishing water supplies, Climate Change and bullied teen suicides.

Americans need facts, not fears.

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