Devils Tap Dance in Notre Dame Fire as Earth Burns

America doesn’t get the leaders it deserves – only the ones we elect.

Where honor already exists, tragedy ultimately reveals humanity’s heroic character, but just as the Devil jovially tap danced prematurely around the flames of an iconic thorn in his side, so too, do the devils among us revive the spirit of the debunked jig by an earlier narcissistic Führer.

Those ill-prepared for the truth of human decency remain deluded by the scent of a mesmerizing foxtrot refrain, denying history, science and children.  Those hypnotized by Putin possessed pied piper, risk losing children to the flames of a world changing environment.  Swooning, they tango with anti-Americanism, chanting:  completely exonerated, no collusion, no obstruction.

Nonetheless, whether a long walk home across Manhattan’s bridges, a North Korean fleeing to freedom with five bullets in him or thousands praying along the River Seine and the Pont des Arts – faith, hope and love are life’s resilience, in true national emergencies.

Like many Americans, as I watched Notre Dame in flames, memories of 9/11 first responders – including Coast Guard led volunteer civilian boaters – rushing toward disaster to save who and what they could, matched the flow of my tears.

Watching the 850-year-old life of Notre Dame hang in the balance, like crane held statues being removed to save life surrounding the majestic cathedral, flashes of an America simmering in a pot of denial coming to a Climate Change boil too late to save our children, sparked an after-burn from my youth, for burning history and I have met before.

I was one of the students who defied firefighter admonitions and ran into a burning Peabody Conservatory of Music – saving treasured art, history, sheet music and what furniture we could carry.

Now, having witnessed many of life’s tragic and comedic creations, I welcome the impatience of youth, for it is their job to be so, lest the rest of us fail to be better than our 115th Congress.

While the inexperienced can learn from maturity the difference between digital connectivity and communication that nurtures communion, intelligence is not the sole property of university degrees or moneyed family position – and the young teach us, wisdom does not emit from gray-haired white men nor, Made in America, alone.

Throughout American history, American history has been made by both young and old, rich and poor and men and women, so why don’t we know about the young, or the names of the poor?  Why is the possibility of a gay president still so shocking, or the election of a thirty-seven-year-old Muslim Congresswoman who dares to think, and incites all to do the same?

If Trump can inspire a weaponized male supporter to shoot up a pizza parlor looking for child trafficking, why can’t reasonable people elect a twenty-nine-year-old former Bronx bartender capable of reaching deep into America’s FDR soul to save our planet A?

Young women like twenty-nine-year-old Katie Bouman attacked for proving Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and forty-six-year-old Taraji P. Henson in Hidden Figures have always existed – like Sybil Ludington who rode twice as far as Paul Revere to warn the colonists at Danbury, Connecticut, the British are Coming – but men of all colors chose to prequel Chuck Grassley.

Clearly, America burns with national emergencies in road rage, neglected infrastructure, overpriced health insurance – and the Trump Family’s trading American sovereignty for a second Gilded Age.  Time we douse this incendiary regime whose first priority, is burning bridges to affordable health-care, safe environment, national security and children.

When some convince vengeful leaders who incite violence they are above the law, the fire in our belly needs to rekindle our burning desire for open-minds regarding America’s 2016 Russian infected elections, Alexa’s in-home spy system, Candance Owen’s robust Southern Strategy deceit – not to mention, Globalization that has existed since wealthy Republican household names manipulated the 1948 Marshall Plan for their bottom line.

If our personal data must be a bargain chip for Facebook, let’s at least put Zuckerberg on notice that we know his heart is in trading us for profit, like other Internet duplicity threatening children with measles, ICE and the trumped.

America’s fear, bigotry, hate, racism, sexism and immigrant banning devils are as devastating to our humanity as the loss of Notre Dame would have been to our souls.  Can we not now admit, to be what we claim, we need to refuse to allow William Barr to torch our Constitution before his serial arrogance reduces America to ashes.

If we desire a nation that tweets venom, then America is already suffocating in the smoke and mirrors of a con-artist-in-Chief reflecting only a third of us.

Retrieving our values from Republican embers, let’s resurrect America as Point Zero for an all-inclusive world!

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