DNC 2016 Got Personal

To the extent we are in the arena, we are exceptional!

Americans are free to vote to make the radical Right reckless choice to go back in time when greatness was the presumptive exclusive right of the superior white man — or we can embrace the magnanimous magnitude of, Blind Justice, gender & racial equality and the powerful reality of Love and Climate Change, in the place we call home.

The human connection between the Statue of Liberty and loving patriotism took center stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, to reaffirm Education, Out of Many One and this 2016 presidential election define America, as Free Will granting all, the life renewing choice to bequeath a pro-active future to our children, for our nation.

Several organizations invited me to tell the story of their pro-life causes, while I covered DNC 2016. I hadn’t returned to Philadelphia, since launching my professional career, directing “1776” in 1976 — but I was back, standing in line with Eleanor Clift, for press credentials.

He who alleges, I alone can fix it, can never be the American voice, for we are not a solo, but rather leaders in the great ensemble of humanity’s purpose: to preserve, protect and defend family, community and nation, as earth’s stewards.

TheReasonableVoice.com, will never presume to be your voice. However, we shall always write and speak up on radio and online for the right for all voices to be heard.

The DNC 2016 lesson: Exceptionalism is

  • Loving our children
  • Saving college students from Wall Street debt
  • Quality & timely medical care for our seniors, Gold Star Mothers and Veterans
  • Equal Economic Opportunity, Justice, Medicare and Medicaid for All female, as well as male Americans
  • Busting from womb to tomb Bernie supporters & Baby-Boomers allied for Change We Can Believe In
  • Seeking reasonable balance between differing POVs
  • Asking no more for ourselves than we would gladly share with all
  • Color & ethnic blindness melting the walls around our hearts and minds
  • Restoring America’s infrastructure
  • Providing Mental Health Care with 21st century ideals
  • Accommodating those impacted by the natural evolution of time’s effect on careers, like farmers, coalminers, small business owners
  • Protecting both police and gun violence victims
  • Granting women equal citizenship in the U. S. Constitution

I returned to Rocky’s city for First Lady Michelle Obama and all descendants of slaves — was in Philadelphia for all who wish to recapture the pre Bush/Cheney Recession financial surplus left behind by former President Bill Clinton — endured the TBTF Wells Fargo Convention Center to detail the advocacy for healing America:

  • Democratic call for universal freedom and equality
  • Tremendous public servants and fathers, Joe Biden and Tim Kaine
  • Rejecting malarkey, we lead not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our example
  • Billionaire Independent Michael Bloomberg: Look at the candidate not the Party label
  • “No More War,”
  • Investigating Tom Selleck’s water stealing Climate Injustice friends: Agriculture Industry, Factory Farms Nestle…
  • Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Orlando Pulse Mother Christine Leinone, Sandy Hook Principal daughter Erica Smegielski, Widow of Iraq War Helicopter Pilot Jamie Dorff

Next, a series of pro-Activists articles, radio interviews and audio commentary, bridging 2016 DNC to 2016 Election Day with informative updates and, yes, Edutainment, regarding how to end American second class citizenship.

Among my sources: PeopleDemandingAction.org, EmergeAmerica.org, WomenLeadersofVa.org, Women-Matter.org, Equalrightsamendment.org because they, and all the candidates, leagues, caucuses and elected officials to whom they introduced me (like Texan Wendy Davis and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey) are pro-life for all American life: women & men, Black or White, Latina or Latino, Native or Asian American, LGBTQ Wall Street pants suits or Wall Street Too Big to Jail — for Yes We Can be Stronger Together.

I attended the DNC 2016 to honor all the parents, families and friends who’ve lost loved ones to war and other gun violence. I will continue to be there for all Americans, because, I too am a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one.





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