Donald Trump is EXACTLY the Face of the Republican Party

“Yeah! Sweep the Leg”“ yelled the rabid bully. His team cheered. “ It was offensive.

“I could stand in the center of Manhattan and shoot someone and I would not lose a vote.” That was offensive. But Republicans loved it.

“Mexicans are rapists and criminals.” That was offensive. But Republicans nodded. “Muslims should be banned.” “Qualifying tests should be required to be allowed into the country.” A wall between the US and Mexico. That is all offensive but Republicans embraced it.

Punishing women. Calling women fat, ugly, flat chested, “bleeding from their wherever” was offensive but Republicans rallied around him.

“Our military is a disaster.” “I know more than the generals do.” “John McCain is a loser” Republicans cheered for him. It was not offensive to them. “Nothing to see here” they said.

Harassing a Gold Star family, criticizing first responders, telling African Americans that they “live in hell” while speaking to mostly white and white supremacist crowds. That offended everyone BUT Republicans.

There is not one policy that Trump has stated that EVERY Republican in office does not support. He is just more vulgar and more bombastic. Show me one thing that Trump stands for that has not been repeated by Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly for decades. These men have been feeding upon and nurturing the bigotry and racism and misogyny that has been rampant in the Republican party for a very long time. Trump just wears a red tie, and brags about it. Not offensive…just party line.

Trump truly IS the face of the Republican party.

Dear Republicans:

You preferred your party over your country. Your petty prejudices against people that weren’t like you. Your small mindedness that looked at “others” as less than you. You chose, supported, promoted and foisted a bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobe with delusions of grandeur upon our country and the world in YOUR name. Your surrogates and media puppets have pounded us over the head with it for 16 months proudly claiming him as your leader.

Donald Trump thinks groping women and grabbing them by their private parts and discussing how “f*&^able” they are as his right as a “star” is suddenly offensive to you.

But you don’t get to say “it was disgusting”. This is who he is — and you knew. This is who he has been — and you knew. This is what you wanted — and you got it. This is what you created — and he is all yours.

No. You don’t get a pass.

Any Republican that stood with Trump before Friday was a hypocrite to all American values. All this latest debacle by Trump did was expose his followers for what they are. Trump has always been exactly what that tape exposed. Did you just hear him for the first time?

The ghost of Reagan that you try to cling to with platitudes, was slaughtered on the alter of bigotry and hatred and misogyny that has become the bulwark of the entire Republican agenda. This is who Republicans are. It is who you have worked so very hard, and so very carefully, and so very deliberately to be, for a generation.

Shame on all of you. You don’t get to claim you didn’t know. You knew. You agreed. You celebrated. You turned out in droves. You voted. You intimidated people that didn’t look like you, or agree with you. You fed the hate and fear. You thrived on it. You created media empires and an oligarchy built upon it while stealing our votes and our voice in massive sweeps across the nation.

You stood by and supported Trump while he slammed our veterans, our women, our elderly, our LGBTQ, our immigrants, all minorities, Muslims, the disabled, the overweight, Mexicans, dead soldiers and their families. You raised him up after he ridiculed our POW’s, racially profiled our inner cities, belittled victims of violent crimes, and tried to capitalize on terrorism by criticizing our first responders and law enforcement.

He has lied with pathological sociopathically driven ferocity so many times that fact-checking agencies cannot keep up with him while your surrogates and apologists bombard us with excuses, and insult us for being offended. He has been accused thousand of times of ripping off, cheating, and defrauding millions of Americans, and you call that “success.”You “punched people in the face” and bragged how that freed you from political correctness.

You spent 8 years trying to make the first African-American President irrelevant, illegal, invisible and anti-American. You participated and drove a movement of hate and intolerance and ignorance led by the very same man you have chosen to represent your party. The man who brags “more Republican voters turned out to vote for me than in any other Republican primary in history.” Yes, that was you.

Now that something finally offended enough white people, Republican rats are abandoning the Trump ship they launched upon the world. Kelly Ayotte, Pat Toomey, John McCain, Jason Chafetz, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Todd Young, and Ron Johnson, who “suddenly” discovered that Trump is an abomination, are running for the exits screaming “vote for me, I ‘no longer’ support Trump.”

With only 30 days left, they are jumping ship to save themselves, not to change their platform. Those “Republicans of character” hurling themselves overboard in search of a life boat want to keep their fall back guy Mike Pence. A bastion of anti-women, anti-Planned Parenthood anti-choice, anti LGBTQ, pro-WConversion Therapy, 1st Amendment bashing, anti-equal protection, anti-14th amendment, anti-immigrant, voter suppressing even whiter version of the Republican agenda. You know the non-offensive guy.

Donald Trump’s recent comments were not just vulgar. They were admissions of crimes. They were admissions of assault. They were admissions of entitlement that says he believes he can grope women wherever and however he wants. They were admissions of adultery while his brand new wife was at home pregnant with his child. If you can find an excuse for any of that within yourself, you have no moral high ground upon which to perch your hypocrisy.

Your true souls cannot hide anywhere in the universe. Look far and wide, to every star and every galaxy and every nebula and know that every subatomic force of life knows who, and what, you are. You can’t even blame Trump any more. You can only blame yourselves. You are the face of Trump. The Republican Party. Yellow, white and orange to the core.

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