Donald Trump’s Big Indiana Win Will Propel Him to General Election Doom

Just after the polls closed in Indiana on Tuesday evening, the major news networks projected that Donald Trump would handily carry the Hoosier State. As the Huffington Post displayed on their front page just moments after Trump was declared the winner, “Demagogue Don Closes In On The Nom.”

It’s true, after all.

Following months of a drawn-out battle between the spray-tanned billionaire and the entire Republican establishment, the Indiana results should finally put to rest the idea that any candidate not named DHillary_Clinton_vs Donald Trumponald Trump will be the GOP nominee.

It’s not just Trump’s success to this point that makes him the likely candidate to take on the Democrats this fall; the delegate-rich states remaining on the primary map also favor him. Recent polling in states like California and West Virginia show him with sizeable leads.

Now, here’s the catch: The better Trump does in the GOP primary race, the more likely it is that a Democrat — Hillary Clinton, in particular — will be sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017.

Not only does Clinton lead Trump in almost every national general election survey, but polls also show her beating the billionaire buffoon in key states like Florida and Ohio. A Clinton win in either (or both) of those states would make it almost impossible for Trump to win the White House. That goes without mentioning Trump’s historically high unfavorable ratings among Hispanic voters, women and the broader electorate as a whole.

If you prefer to trust the betting odds over public polling, which are known to be more accurate, then it looks even more favorable for Hillary Clinton. As I write, there is a 72 percent chance the former Secretary of State will succeed President Barack Obama next year.

Tonight, Donald Trump’s reality show version of a presidential campaign may be celebrating its big win in the state of Indiana, but his success will be short-lived. The closer Trump gets to securing his party’s nomination, the more likely it is that the Clintons will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by this time next year.

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