Who does Donald Trump think he is working for?

I mean to say, he is not a fake news reporter for Fox Fake News, so I fail to see why the presumed president-elect is taking an adversarial attitude towards the Washington intelligence community. He calls them ďntelligence in quotation marks when he sends out his ill-advised tweets and remarks that he thinks they are not properly prepared to do their jobs.

Trump is no longer part of the Fake News community. He is under no obligation to start a war with the government. I cannot understand who is advising him to do these things, because the election is over and he no longer needs to curry favor with the traitors that inhabit the Far Right. His nanny, Kellyanne Conway, needs to sit down with him and explain that the government is now his friend. She will have to be patient but I am sure he will understand this after a few repetitions.

The competition for attention is over. Trump now has center stage, and he is failing spectacularly so far. He isn’t even in office yet but he seems to want to give the impression that President Barack Obama is no longer an actor on the Washington political scene. I am sure he was coached in this by Republicans who want to delegitimize the Obama presidency as soon as ever they can.

Trump will be in violation of the Constitution as soon as he takes the oath of office, and he is lying so far about divesting himself from conflicts of interest with the government. What he is thinking I do not know, but perhaps his childlike underestimation of the ability of investigative journalists and intelligence officers makes him think that he is just going to put himself on auto pilot and let his appalling administration run things. The joke’s on him when he realizes that the buck stops on the desk in the Oval Office.

Erasing the so-called Obama legacy is the Number One Priority in the nation’s capitol right now, despite the fact that there is no good reason for anyone to do so. The actual reason is so ugly that it will never be stated openly: the Republicans want to erase the Obama legacy, and the Obama presidency itself, simply and only because Obama is a black man. The idea of an African American president was so repulsive to the vicious racists in the Republican Party that they willingly committed treason for eight years, stepping over the dead bodies of American men, women and children in their disregard of anything except pretending that Obama was not there.

Obstruction was the word of the last eight years, and if the Democrats don’t get the picture I will be happy to sum it up: Trump is an illegitimate president. He is broke and owes his entire charade of wealth and power to Russia, who use him as a useful idiot. If the Democrats cooperate with this they can kiss their credibility goodbye.

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