Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Make Anything Great

I’ve taken my time on writing about Donald Trump. I haven’t wanted to jump on any bashing bandwagon. I’ve wanted to read, learn and come to my own conclusions. It didn’t take long to do the research!

Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a weaver of conspiracy theories (more lies), and has no sense of right and wrong. He dislikes women, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and gays; except when he doesn’t. He has his own version of the truth which changes depending on the audience to whom he is speaking, and I can’t imagine that he would ever care about making anything about America great.

I’ve also decided that those who are casting a vote for this man, are doing so for only one reason. It has nothing at all to do with policy, for the man has no real policy; no reasonable plan for anything.

Those who are voting for him, are voting for him because there is a part of them that agrees with his dislike of women, Jews, Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, and gays. They want The Wall built high and wide on the border of Mexico, they want all the guns they can have, they want all the Muslims gone. They want a white, Christian, republican, heterosexual America with a white male in charge.

The Trump voters love him because he has made it okay for all their hate and racism to be front and center. They are no longer hindered by any sort of unspoken law of common decency, they are allowed, and encouraged to be as nasty and hate-filled as they choose. He has given a voice to the underlying hate-filled nastiness that’s been lying dormant since the 1960’s.

They (the Trump folks) believe all the hate-filled things will: Make America Great Again. What does that even mean? Make America Great Again?

Does it mean we go back to where blacks were slaves and the South had succeeded the Union? Back to where women were considered property and had no voice or vote? Back to the total unrest of the 1960’s? Back to the mighty depression of the 1930’s? Back to no internet? Back to no microwaves and women being barefoot and pregnant? Back to radio programs and black and white television? Back to no smartphones and tablets? Back to no products with a little apple on them? Back to when Twitter was something birds were doing. Where does he want to take us?

And how does he plan to make America great again? Have you read his platform? Take a look and make sure to read the comments. That will make it clear to you that the people who support him, support his racist, anti-Muslim, Hispanic, women, blacks, gays, etc. platform.

This whole blaming others for your lot in life, flies in the face of everything I see that’s great about America. I see people helping one another every day of my life. I see kindness, love, compassion for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion. Then again, that’s what I want in the world, so that’s what I try and give to the world.

Donald Trump cares nothing about America. Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump. He will pull us apart, he will divide us, and he will destroy any sense of unity that may exist. He’ll do whatever needs to be done to stroke his ego.

He will lead us down the racist, discriminatory road of the white power movement reminiscent of the turbulence of the 1960’s; and we all know how that worked out.








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