Don’t miss this moment…

The DNC is over. The confetti is all cleared and we’ve all had our laugh at Bill chasing around after the balloons looking his age. The campaigns have moved on (the Clinton/Kaine campaign receiving quite the boost after the DNC prom night.)

And the ugliness has only escalated. The hate, the rhetoric, the distasteful fighting between families and friends. Lawsuits. Accusations of plagiarism, security leaks, hacks, etc. And, of course, Wikileaks. Fights between Republicans over Trump and fights between Democrats over Hillary vs. Bernie. #neverTrump and #neverHillary. 

But lost in all the noise was a moment in history. While not completely lost it was glossed over and maybe celebrated too quietly.

Maybe it’s because eight years ago we were accused of voting for the black man just because he was black. Maybe it’s because for the last eight years those of us that voted for the first African American have had our vote mocked and minimized as if the color of his skin was the only thing that mattered to us and not that the Hawkish McCain or the elitist Romney just didn’t fit our views. No… It was obviously ONLY because he was black.

But set aside your politics for just a moment. Firsts only happen…well… Only once. Like a first kiss. A first kid. A first homerun. A first touchdown. A first love. They may and actually probably will happen again and may even be better when they do… But the first time is special.

Now I’m a student of history and I am well aware that Hillary is not the first woman to run for President. She is, however, the first woman to be nominated by one of the major parties with an actual chance of winning. We like symbolic things like “women have run for President before” as long as they have no substance… Like having a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning.

As Hillary gave her speech my wife, who is not very political, cried tears because of what it meant to her. For the first time the glass ceiling had been broken and when we tell our daughters that they can be ANYTHING they want to be and work hard enough to be it doesn’t have to come with the unspoken fine print of “except President, that’s a man’s job, really.”

Now, unless you are a patriarchal Neanderthal leftover from the Cold War Era (and before), a religious justifiable sexist misogynist or just a plain out ignorant sexist @$$, this is a big deal. And even if you are, it’s still a big deal because, despite how hard you fight progress, your daughters have the hope of getting out from under your male chauvinistic rule and being able to shoot for even the White House if they so choose.

Every American, regardless of gender, regardless of race, regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof), regardless of sexual orientation have the right to be anything they dream they can be and are willing to work for including the President of the United States.

So take just a moment in time and appreciate this moment… Because “when the glass ceiling is broken, the sky’s the limit.” It’s a first that will never happen again.

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