An Economy in Shambles…Really? Where?

It has been put out in the corporate media that Donald Trump is outstripping Hillary Clinton in the area of “the economy.” I am guessing that the reference is to the economic situation of the United States, say, since President Barack Obama took office. To that effect I saw the well-known Trump spokesman Katrina Pierson referred to the United States government/economy as “a shambles” more than once over the weekend.

So I was wondering–shall we look over some statistics and take a look at how Democrats have handled the economy for the past seven years? By the numbers:

  • fifteen million Americans are now insured;
  • the inflation of health-care costs is the lowest in fifty years while coming in 20% under budget;
  • job growth is the best in fifteen years, going right back into the Bush years;
  • the Gross National Product is the best in 8 years, and finally
  • there have been about 9 million new jobs added to the economy.

So if it isn’t healthcare, job growth or productivity, where’s the beef, Ms. Pierson?

That ought to be all I need to put in an article on this topic, but there is one thing more. Here is a possible scenario for the election of 2016:

  1. Donald Trump becomes president.
  2. A number of lawsuits dealing with different civil crimes appear in court against Trump;
  3. Trump University is exposed as a fraud;
  4. Trump is convicted of several civil crimes that force him to resign in disgrace.
  5. He goes off to a Club Fed prison and
  6. America’s new President is whoever his running mate was.

I ask this question of everybody who thinks that Hillary Clinton is not a good choice for their lofty personal standards (that apply only to Hillary Clinton). Do you think this scenario ought to take place? Would you really vote for Trump, a candidate with a tarnished reputation? Would you like to see the President of the United States of America doing a “perp walk” outside a courthouse in New York?

Worse still, considering all that you do not know about Trump’s career, do you really think he knows anything about “the economy?” He has not made his tax returns available, where Clinton has done so. He may have a phalanx of attorneys keeping the cloud of biting mosquitoes away from his face, figuratively speaking, but do we as Americans want to elect a person who stands a good chance of being convicted of punishable offenses after the election is over and we can no longer live in a delusion?

I’ll close by reminding Republicans unchivalrously that this would not be a bolt from the blue. It would be the second Republican president to lose his presidency over conduct and character issues. What’s wrong with Republicans, anyway?

Or, to put it another way, what has the Presidency of the United States come to, that we have standards that would find Trump an acceptable candidate?

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