The Craziness That Is Election Politics

My head hurts.

This election has made the land of the free and the home of the brave into the land of the crazy, and the home of the hate-filled rhetoric. It’s pitted us one against the other. It’s divided us, it’s shown us that the dumbing-down of America is alive and well and actually thriving here in the USA.

It’s non-partisan, it has no gender, it’s not age-specific, this craziness. Republicans, democrats, independents, progressives, communists, socialists, right-wing conservatives, boomers, millennials, women, men — everyone, in every corner of America – we’re all a part of the craziness.

Democrats are not united about anything, except maybe bashing each other in the comment sections of blogs and posts about Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton. Apparently there is no middle ground, no working for the common good, no coming together as Democrats are supposed to do to save the world from — you know — Donald Trump.

And the Republicans — well, they are backing a man for President who has stated publicly that there are parts of the Presidents job he just doesn’t want to do. He’s going to staff it out!

He wants to build walls, deport millions of Muslims, make a woman’s right to choose go away, and so many more things that has no semblance of what my vision for America is.

I may not ever understand how anyone could vote for Donald Trump, and I may believe that his kind of hate-filled, misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric would never, ever unite us as a people, however; I can most certainly be respectful in the way I represent myself in my opposition to his candidacy.

No one, myself included, has the right to tell another American what to do with their vote. As citizens, voting is the most American thing we do. Your vote is your voice. I totally get that.

I also get that people are passionate about what they believe is right, what they believe is best, and they totally believe in what their vision of what America should be. I also get that just because you believe something, doesn’t make it right.

There is so much that is good about who we are as Americans, but right now, we’ve allowed the craziness of politics to get into our heads. This is where they (the politicians) want us — divided and angry.

We need to be involved, we need to be educated on the issues, we need to have the freedom to make our own choices. We will never all agree on any certain issue or any certain candidate. I’m just asking for each of us, amid all the craziness, to show some respect.

Those of us who write, those of us who comment, those of us who stand and speak, we need to do so in a voice that makes people want to listen to what we have to say; not in a voice that alienates then and makes them want to send us directly to hell.

So remember, if I get a little crazy and tell you I believe that you’re throwing your vote away; you have the absolute right to tell me that your vote is your voice.

Let’s just, both of us, be respectful in our individual craziness.



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