Election Fraud Lunacy — By the Numbers

Happy Halloween in the land of the zombie voters!

Here is just how crazy Il Trumpee’s (rhymes with toupee) vote rigging rhetoric is.

Let’s just look at Ohio. Currently, according to 538 Clinton holds a slim three percent polling lead in Ohio. Not much, but that is exactly the margin that Obama won Ohio by in 2012. About 5.4 million votes were cast in Ohio in 2012 and Obama’s margin was about 100,000 votes.

So, the easiest assumption is that nothing much has changed in Ohio and a three percent Democratic win this year is nothing unusual. Or let’s play the conspiracy game!

For the conspiracy, we need about a six percent swing, assuming that in “reality” Deadbeat Donnie is actually up by three percent. So we need 200,000 votes. Probably more to be safe, but let’s go with that.

If we are going to swing Ohio by busing in “illegal aliens,” we will need 4,000 buses. I don’t think we need guys hanging around polling sites to spot 4,000 buses full of people. Or even 1,000 buses full of people voting four times. So, you can’t swing the election in Ohio by in person voter fraud. Especially considering there have only been 31 verified cases in a billion ballots cast.

Or local election officials could stuff ballot boxes, with a couple of hundred thousand extra votes. Which presumably means that they did that in 2008 and 2012. All right under the nose of the Republican Secretary of State! Would some local officials risk the entire election to do this?

Well, Hillary doesn’t even seem to need Ohio to reach 270! States where she is polling more strongly than Ohio already total to more than 270. So, where is the incentive to commit voter fraud in Ohio? There is none.

If the Democrats were going to try and steal an election in Ohio it would be the Senate race. But Rob Portman has a comfortable lead there. If the polling is correct, Democrats would need something like a half million or more fictitious votes to defeat Portman, which is one third of all the dead people Trump claims will be voting in the entire country. How about 10,000 buses! Again, you think the Republican Secretary of State would not notice something like 500,000 fishy ballots?

There is just not any real way to do this. If anything, you might worry that at the state counting level the Republicans might do some vote switching. But there has been no credible evidence of any such goings on.

Il Trumpee is completely out to lunch. But let him be. Why would his followers vote in a rigged election?

Let them stay home.



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