Electoral College, Insurrection, Impeachment 2, Inauguration: Too Much?

Russian Snowballs thrown at Putin’s uniforms for freedom fighter; thousands arrested vs. America’s five dead by citizen insurrection at U. S. Capitol, walking away. 

1787 compromise: neither Congress nor uninformed mobs, but an  Electoral College elects our POTUS, when congressional staff snatches from the jaws of a tyrant’s defeat, our 46 th ’s paper Electoral College victory ballots, before a trumped mob guts our oldest branch of government – severing ties with  peaceful transition,  hoping: Heerrrrsss Donnie!

Reflecting on trumped Senators, Patrick Henry might revise,  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me unity or give us 400,000 deaths, by presidential failure.

Too many chokeholds on American accountability to allow $15. Minimum wage for essential workers. 

Too much Rand Paul intellectual imbalance for too self-absorbed Senate to relinquish too repetitive  abuse of power .

Too much joshing around brandishing heil fist aloft, enabling too far gone on Cruz to treason.

Too many faux patriots allowed to, just walk on bye-bye, after too many blocked Guard from  aiding and abetting too few Capitol Police. 

Too little,  checks and balances on too much costumed buffoonery. Too few remembering, only peaceful assembly need apply.

Too many electing Biden failing to feel the fear of too many maskless invaders. Too many, confusing pipe bombs with ballots.

Too miniscule knowledge of presidential pardon power, relegating too foolish with,  the devil made me do it .

Too little enabling for,  balance of power;  too much desertion of sacred honor parchment, written by too many old white males bestowing too few freedom deserving generations with too minute Constitutional equality and justice.

Too little desire for amendments defending hued minorities against too much  malice aforethought .

Who will pay the price for  high crimes , in the wake of he who, thinking himself  the second coming , gave rise again to secession confirming, too often and too long, we have been too little united.

What if unity is meant to be too high a road for too many to travel without first shinning a light for the too herd oriented who too willingly deny putting their own houses in order before attacking that chamber too often rented for too many services rendered?

When will, tight fisted money changers stop providing Paler worshipers cover charge at the altar of a Wall Street of ill repute? 

Where are the proud boys and girls too wise to remain rooted in our historical self-imposed discontent?

Why are Americans who believe in their  Divine Right to be  The Right , denying necessary  stewardship of a raped planet earth , over-consuming to diminish life upon it?

How can we, by example, exude a recaptured Civics oasis of genuine all-inclusive patriotism dedicated to a collective civic duty, peacefully transforming Supreme,  Citizens United of economic elitism to a conglomerate of united citizenry ever evolving in Constitutional awareness, lifting all to that higher ground of solid rock, finally becoming a,  City of Light,  knowing, the glow from that fire can truly light the world.

Yet, in a mind set by a nation of people so mesmerized by personal devices, indoctrinated by the redundancy of scrolling talking-heads, inundated by myths of past glories, indoctrinated with  educational half-truths missing,  the half has never been told , hoodwinked by religious hypocrites who believe faith blesses only those genuflecting before,  The Street’s CEOs – can  any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, long endure?

Maybe greatness comes from unity that nourishes individual exceptionalism. Perhaps our  new normal can purge past mistakes by a present that refuses to repeat them for  future generations . 

If an elbow bump preserves, a mask protects and social distancing defends,  what couldn’t we do together to eradicate our history replete with whipping posts, emotional scars, mental health neglect, domestic rape, foreign pillage and save,  love thy neighbor as thyself from white supremist mob rule.

Bullies don’t pardon their pawns. They take their money for fraudulent conspiracies, then sacrifice them. Only a traitor could think that makes America great, and only those indoctrinated as some Europeans were in the  1930s , would fight for it.

It takes a village to enable the unethical to  Blowout America’s soul, because there are corporate induced shortages created to profit off families and small businesses during COVID-19, always  follow the money.

The greater danger to America is not the herd mentality that pummeled us into facing existential issues we’ve ignored, but those we’ve elected to occupy our attacked Capitol building, who have been siphoning off our exceptionalism for decades, sacrificing our country and their constituents to  the Demagogues of Party politics .

To be a UNITED States of America requires internalizing, and living one simple truth: The rising tide of women, gays, Native Americans, Latinx, African Americans and immigrants also lifts all those European descendants who’ve forgotten  who built their boats .

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