It’s the end of the summer as we know it and I feel fine……..

Time, Time, Time, looks what’s become of it all


So….this is where we find ourselves just days before the first debate. It’s the end of the summer and this is the only debate that I expect is going to be attended by the one and only gift bag of orange puss that we call Donald Trump. I truly believe that this is the only thing he is going to say “blah blah blah”, ” bigger, better” “blah blah blah” ” Hillary is a bitch. At which point I firmly expect Lester Holt and all the CNN family to go over this latest gaff of political thought and just move on to the next question acting like it never happened.

How did it come to this? We all know how,……and in case you wondered why Donald Trump is getting so much free air time, maybe it could be because it’s the guy who runs CNN green lit The Apprentice and is a good friend of Donald Trump. So maybe that’s why Corey Lewandowski gets to speak out of both sides of his neck as he collects a paycheck from the Trump camp, all the while collecting a paycheck for being a partisan mouthpiece.

One more thing I will be pondering for a while, as a real reason to be nervous as November creeps around. Just how does Russia plan to hack the voting booths? I mean, do they have an agent or mole in certain state’s polling places? Maybe they could do it with states that have gutted their supreme Court, Comrade Walker, he could lend a hand, or in states with sympathetic governors, looking at you Matt Bevin!

With that I give you a little taste of what probably is going to happen after the debates . Donald Trump is going to refuse to do the last two unless moderators are changed, except for Chris Wallace, he is Geppetto’s worst failure.

I suspect Team Red is going to try and pull off some Y2K Shenanigans. But, they blew their wad on the last scheme, so I don’t think their best efforts are going to even get them close because of the blowout Hillary Clinton is going to serve; to all those folks that told her a woman will never be president. SCREW you Nixon!!!!!


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