Et Tu Mississippi? Or how I learned to cherish the law of unintended consequence

Twitter during this election season is a necessity for any politics junky. I qualify so I’m “on” Twitter. I communicate with a variety of people including some relatively big names and many average joes like myself. Recently I made a shocking finding: On Twitter, people will answer questions you don’t ask.

One of the news sites I followed had an election map showing red states, blue states and toss up states which were colored in a very disgusting mustard color. I almost leapt from my chair as I saw the state of Mississippi. It was mustard colored! Mississippi is a toss up state? There is no way! But there it was in that unbecoming shade of mustard. Immediately I needed to post something.

Texas was also in that peculiar color. I understood that. A growing Hispanic population where Hillary Clinton is winning around 70 percent or better and numerous large cities and suburbs filled with college educated women – also a very strong demographic with Clinton- could be close. But Mississippi?

Mississippi has a very large African American Community but no other demographic that would be overwhelmingly for Clinton that I could identify. It has a small Latino community which wouldn’t impact the vote much. Also it has only two cities of any significant size: Biloxi and Jackson. I could not imagine enough white suburban college educated women making a difference there. I’m in Alabama. Demographically Alabama is similar to Mississippi. Not exactly similar, but close enough. And I know that in the last election, President Obama received exactly eight percent of the white male vote in Alabama. I sought answers from a number of pollsters and pundits I followed on Twitter as to why Mississippi could EVER be a toss up state. I still don’t know, but I found something out that is very important. College educated women HATE Donald Trump.

I sent a tweet to a pollster type man whom I admire asking what was up with this poll and Mississippi. A woman I know a bit responded. “I’m in Texas and every Republican I know is voting for Clinton”. This led another woman to tweet “I’m in Georgia and everyone I know is voting for Clinton.” Within a few minutes I had seemingly half the college educated women on Twitter saying they and their friends HATED Donald Trump. My Twitter feed ran continuously for about the next 20 minutes. The vast majority were women. And they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. When you think about it, it makes sense.

Trump has done nothing in his life to show any respect to educated American women. He is divorced twice, has a trophy wife from another country, accuses a female journalist of being mean to him because of her menstrual cycle, pats his DAUGHTER on her rear end on national tv and told a woman presidential candidate during a debate that she was ugly. An educated American woman will rightfully be offended. That wasn’t shocking. It was the level of their disdain for Trump. They HATE him and have no compunction about you knowing that.

As I said, this came out of nowhere. My Twitter feed is nowhere near a proper survey sample. Nor was I even trying to determine the amount of vitriol that would be aimed at Trump by women on my Twitter feed. I asked a simple question about why Trump was tied in Mississippi and women volunteered the level of hate they had for the Donald. The law of unintended consequences simply took off and I learned something, I think.

What did I learn? There are a lot of women that will not only vote against Trump, they will relish doing so. They are the type of people who will bring their friends to the voting booth with them and will celebrate a Trump loss with great joy. To give any discernible voting bloc a reason to hate you as much as I saw hate on my Twitter feed is not a good thing for a politician. Trump has opened Pandora’s box with his mysogynism and now he will face the results. For the record, I never did find out what was going on in Mississippi. All I can think of is there are a lot of ticked off Southern Belles voting against Trump in the Magnolia State. Ya’ll come back now. Ya hear?

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