Everyone can deal with reality except politicians

I think that the most important issue facing us today is that Republican politicians have no beliefs. We tend to think they do because they speak so forcefully about things like Planned Parenthood or marriage equality. But it is not true. It is now extremely clear that Republicans will speak out loudly (and insincerely) in favor of absolutely any position that they calculate will get them votes.

This is partly because their support is tanking. It is also because their positions are growing more and more extreme. But it is mostly because there is only one place for Republicans to go for votes: the fringe extremists.

We must understand that people like Ted Cruz are not honking ignoramuses. Cruz is a Harvard lawyer. They already know all the arguments for the positions that they have taken, and how hollow their preaching is. But they do not care. That is the thing that is really shocking about the extremism in the Republican platform: they don’t believe it either.

Republicans will do absolutely anything for votes. They will say anything. They will throw anybody under the bus–and if you don’t believe me, remember how they walked away from Kim Davis when the tide turned against her. The upcoming presidential debates are likely to turn the tide when Donald Trump begins to make the final decisions on whether he will stay with all his crazy scatter-shot positions, or try to pretend he isn’t as extreme as he seemed in those rallies and interviews. But either way, he has now put himself in a hopeless position.

Let Trump deny his hint that Hillary Clinton ought to be shot, and the media can just get out the videotape–or the liberal media, at least. Let Trump try to tell us that he doesn’t mean to persecute Muslim-Americans, and roll the tape!

So suppose he decides to hang tough. Well, that’s he end of him. If Trump doesn’t at least make an attempt to move from a demagogue to a statesman–a huge leap under the best circumstances–he will have to stand or fall on the worst things he has said. Let him try to soften his stances, and it’s all on tape.

You know, I am an old lady here but at least I have a nodding acquaintance with technology. I don’t say things in emails, or even on the telephone, that I suspect could come back to bite me. I know that there are videotape cameras and telephones out there and that those incriminating videos that place Trump in the worst light will never go away. They will probably appear in future histories of our country, when education makes the final leap to digital media. There will be no excuse for the catastrophe that will befall this country if Trump is somehow elected through voter stupidity and Republican election theft. No excuse if you vote for Trump. No excuse if you don’t vote. No excuse if you find there is a glitch in your registration and you take it lying down. No excuses.

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